Course Feedback

Acoustic Guitar Beginners and Improvers:  “I have been inspired!”  “I have gained confidence playing in a group of people”  “Really enjoyable and rewarding.”   “The demonstrations were excellent. The tutors always made helpful comments. We were taught step by step allowing us to gain confidence and skills in an ordered way. The teaching was brilliantly done.”

Acrylic Painting Workshop:  “The tutor was very encouraging and inspirational.”  “I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The variety of techniques and expert tuition.”  “6 hours flew by, the tutor was organised and clear.”

Applemac for Beginners Workshop: “Friendly, relaxed and very informative.”  “I enjoyed being able to ask individual questions about personal computer problems.”  “I enjoyed the individual response to learner’s queries.  All learners were at different stages with varying needs.”

Archery/Badminton:  “Playing casual games with people of a similar standard”  “Being able to play with people you don’t know and changing who you play with”  “It is a guaranteed hour of fun”  “Fun! Meeting new people. Exercise”  “Good level of competition and great instruction.”  “Exercise and playing with people of mixed abilities.”

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – Donna Peck  “Friendly and relaxed. Easy to learn”

Bags Galore! - Sue Hazell:  “Lovely to spend a whole day sewing!”  “Really enjoyed having time to actually do something for me without distractions.”

Bicycle Maintenance:  “What a wonderful course this was and such a lovely man teaching.”  “I practically had to drag the boys (ages 16 and 18) to the course.  I was really surprised at the end when they both said that it had been good and they both had learnt something new.  I think they really liked the guy who took the course.”  “Very hands on and informative.  It covered a wide range of subjects and made me think that I can actually look after my bike well.”  “Thoroughly enjoyed, very beneficial.”

Cooking:  “Very enjoyable”  “Relaxed informative style”  “Cooking with others – having a meal for home”  “Sophia was very knowledgeable and very good with explanations”  “Sophia – very helpful and friendly. Good range of dishes and very enjoyable to eat! Teriffic”  “Fantastic.”  “5 Star”  “An excellent, informative and enjoyable course – thank you.”  “Enjoyable and informative.”  “Sophia is such a pleasure and very knowledgeable.”  “A great experience.”  “Great instruction and we get to take home what we’ve made.”

Digital Photography Workshop:  “Group was friendly and whole atmosphere loaned itself to learning and created enthusiasm.”  “Gail instilled confidence and enthusiasm.”  “A really good day.  Thank you.”  “Very helpful and great being with fellow beginners and able to ask questions.”  “Thank you for building my confidence.”

Drawing for All Workshop: “The course logistics and information were well organised.”  “It has definitely made me believe that I can start drawing again.”  “The subject that we were given was challenging but good and also the opportunity to use another media which I wouldn’t normally use.  Thank you!”  “Very enjoyable.”

Drawing and Painting for Beginners: “A very good experience for a novice.  I have gained confidence and an enthusiasm to try many techniques and mediums.  Thank you.”  “It gave me confidence in following my interest without being too embarrassed about my lack of skill and experience.”  “I enjoyed the helpful, friendly instructions and the happy interaction with the other students.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal.”  “Unflagging encouragement of the tutor.”  “Brilliant and very enjoyable course. Sarah is a great teacher.”  “Friendly atmosphere, informative lessons, chance to see others work and learn from it.”  “Came for the sketching. Loved this but have also developed an interest in painting now. I don’t know what my expectations were really but it probably more than met them.”  “Being stretched and taken out of my comfort zone. Trying new ideas and methods – and the good and friendly atmosphere of the course.”  “It was fun and has renewed my interest in painting.”

Drawing with Confidence Workshop:  “A useful and enjoyable course with practical advice to be able to achieve at home.”  “I would definitely come to another one!”  “Very friendly and inspires me to sign up for more!”  “Best drawing instructor I have met.”  “Good introduction to drawing”  “A very relaxed approach made for an enjoyable day”  “It was very enjoyable and made me want to continue practising drawing”

EFT / Tapping - Leila Wilcox:  “How relaxed it made me feel”  “Just really happy and excited”

French Beginners and Next Steps“The tutor was knowledgeable and friendly, also sensitive to individual students.  Each student was made to feel they had a valuable contribution to make to the class…  I was impressed by the degree of personal attention she was able to give us.”  “Relaxed atmosphere, tutor was happy to make the course relevant to us, where possible ie ‘personalise’ the content.”  “I found it very useful having done French at school over 45 years ago and nothing since, it helped me remember that and reignited my interest.”  “Beverley has the knack of imparting language skills without scaring you.  I wish she had been my teacher earlier in my school career.”  “It has given me confidence to go out and try to speak proper French (not my pigeon French!)”  “It seemed to suit most everyone. Very friendly”  “Well planned and presented. Good / friendly group of participants. Fun”  “A very friendly group. A wide range of topics. It was fun! Awakening of the brain! The hand-outs were plentiful and very well presented”

Home Herbal Teas – Angie Woodard:  “An excellent introduction and lovely to take things away”  “Exceeded expectations”  “Really good mix of info given – just right. Not too overwhelming”  “Very keen to get home and try things out!”  “Learned so much!”  “Fantastic – very inspiring!”  “Loved it – really enjoyable. It left me wanting to know much more”  “I have a lot of health problems and worried that I would not be able to concentrate or stay on course – but I stayed attentive and loved it!”

Italian:  “(I enjoyed) camaraderie, fun, relaxed atmosphere where I was not afraid to make mistakes.”  “Really enjoyed it all, learning experience was positive and rewarding and Linda was very helpful, approachable and kind.”

Italian Cookery – Carla Colombani-Skinner:  “Well taught, nice small group”  “Light and sunny – well equipped”  “Enjoyed being in a small group and had a lovely Italian experience”

Italian Improvers - Chiara Cavallini:  “Conversational skill, informal and friendly tutor, opportunity to discuss/chat each week.”  “That the classes were conducted in Italian.”  “Good group discussions in a friendly atmosphere.”

Italian Next Steps:  “Learning Italian is really enjoyable in the lesson – plenty to do! It also fits well with my interest in Italian music”  “Hearing something new and repetition and practising conversation etc”  “Good mix of grammar and conversation”  “The balance of vocab, grammar, practice etc helped with knowledge and confidence. All students were very inclusive and supportive.”  “Great interaction between teacher/students.”  “Great experience.”  “It is a relaxed atmosphere – enjoying having fun and learning.”

iPad Beginners and Improvers Workshops:  “Second time on the course and brought a relative too from South Wales.”  “I look forward to another one.”  “I enjoyed it and am glad that I signed up.”  “I have learned a lot and feel more confident using my iPad.”  “I would recommend it to others.”  “I found out so much about my iPad.  I am looking forward to the next one!”  “I have learned enough to know that I still need to learn more!”  “I learnt a lot!”  “Gave confidence to play around with iPad and find out more.”  “Learnt a lot but relaxed…”  “I enjoyed participating and being able to ask questions.”  “Very glad to have attended.”  “Feeling free to ask any questions.”  “It was very enjoyable.”  “I enjoyed coming to both ‘Beginners’ and ‘Intermediate’ on the same day – it gave me a sense of continuity. I have plenty of new knowledge to practice now.”

Knitting Workshops:  “I would come again and recommend to others.”  “I had a really enjoyable afternoon and thought the course was great value for money.”  “Worth the wait!”  “It was very good, the instructions and tuition were clear, lovely tutor, lots of help!”

Life Drawing“I'm so enjoying the life class at the Marlborough!”  “It’s a great class in a busy week.”  “Getting lost in art for two hours a week”  “It’s been a very enjoyable and relaxed way to get back to drawing”  “Relaxed atmosphere / flexible approach of tutor (ie help / direction if you want it without too much structure or ‘teaching’”  “Jenny B is always great to deal with through booking / paying. Great that the school offers such a fantastic range of community classes”  “Life drawing for someone like me, who ‘does’ art – it’s like ‘keeping fit’; essential”  “Thank you for holding this course!”

Painting using Special Effects Workshop:  Good to meet people who were happy to discuss many aspects of art and share their experiences.”  “John is friendly, praises work and listens.  A good experience.”  “Nice group of persons.  Friendly.  Good atmosphere.”

Picture Making Skills - John Somerscales:  “Delightful day – a good way to spend a cold grey Saturday!”  “Enjoyable to paint with others and see their approach.”

Pilates“The hour flies by.”  “Jane is always warm and friendly and so knowledgeable.”  “Attending this weekly class really helps me to manage my back pain.”  “Jane makes you feel able to try all”  “Getting more flexible”  “Particularly enjoy the tranquillity”  “The best pilates class I’ve been to”  “Particularly enjoy the relaxation and ease of movement resulting from course”

Psychology for Beginners:  “Thought provoking and good company.  Helped me get through my first winter of retirement.”  “I particularly enjoyed the group interaction and ability to discuss different topics.”  “I wish it rolled on to another 10 week course.”

Relexology - Janice Hellens:  “Great workshop!”  “Learnt a lot – super instructor. Thank you!”

Roman Blind and Curtain Making Workshop:  “The evaluation form at the end of today's session did not allow me to adequately express how much I had enjoyed the day.  I came away enthused to make more blinds.  You certainly equipped me with the technique to progress plus a fistful of useful hints.”  “A great tutor; knowledgeable, friendly, lots of tips – just great.”  “It was pitched just right.” 

Sewing Machines – Sue Hazell  “Really enjoyed the whole day, enjoyed learning basics in the morning and then being able to make something to take home”

Sewing Machines for Beginners Workshops:  “A fantastic day!”  “Excellent tutor and inspired me to want to continue.”  “Just perfect and enjoyed it.  At such a good price.”

Singing for the Terrified (previously called 'Anyone Can Sing'):  “Exceeded my expectations – I am grateful to Patrissia for her enthusiasm and musical passion”  “Extremely enjoyable – nothing could improve it”  “Our teacher, Patrissia, could not be more helpful or encouraging. It’s a pleasure to take this class”  “A very enjoyable course. One hour goes very quickly.”  “Teacher was fun!”  “Patrissia was so funny and encouraging. Looked forward to coming to the class.”  “Since starting this course I recorded backing vocals for some songs written by one of the bands I play bass in. I have started singing during band practice and on Friday I sang solo at an open mic night! Thank you!!”  “I have learnt more about singing in one term than any other singing group/choir.”  “Patrissia is an excellent, knowledgeable tutor, her sessions are fun, enlivening and very rewarding.”  “Love Patrissia’s style of singing.”

SongThreads Beginners Choir (previously called 'So Now You Can Sing'):  “Very enjoyable and good fun”  “Great for ‘togetherness’”  “How much of a feel good factor I get from singing in a group”  “Particularly enjoy learning to read music, sing with others, good songs, socially enjoyable and fun”  “Love the end of term concerts”

Spanish Beginners:  “Very friendly group.  I never felt intimidated.  Always encouraging.”  “I like the teaching style – very informal and fun – no pressure to do extra work if you have a busy week.  I also like the fact that it is very interactive.  We hardly look at the books (in class) so you have to speak and that is more use to me.”

Spanish Intermediate:  “She was fun, energetic and taught me so much.  I looked forward to every lesson.”

Spanish Next Steps:  “Relaxed but focused”  “Good teaching in an informal manner”  “Maria made everyone feel at ease so we were not frightened to speak Spanish”

Stained Glass Workshop:  “Relaxed but productive – meeting up with like-minded people.  Always brilliantly coordinated.”

Tai Chi:  "Isabelle is a great teacher and I feel relaxed and energised at the end of the class."  "It is very relaxing and enjoyable no pressure to succeed."  “Relaxing exercise and friendly participants”  “Particularly enjoy the whole thing – group friendly”  “Novel exercise”  “Love Tai Chi”

Watercolour Painting:  “I would like to take the opportunity to say how relaxed and friendly the lessons have been a credit to John and his teaching methods.”  “Encouraged to improve.”  “Informal and encouraging teaching style. Staff and students very friendly and welcoming.”  “Loved it. Playing with different techniques and colours.”  “My confidence has soared thanks to the tutor.”  “I have done watercolour painting for some time, but needed to sharpen up some techniques.”  “Quality of teaching and a different way of thinking.”  “The demonstrations were excellent. The tutors always made helpful comments. We were taught step by step allowing us to gain confidence and skills in an ordered way. The teaching was brilliantly done.”  “A good experience, learnt a lot and very friendly.”

Yoga:  “I always sleep so well after my Yoga class.”  “I have a chronic back condition and my weekly Yoga class helps me to maintain it so I rarely ever have severe attacks anymore.”  “My yoga class helps me to manage my depression.”  “I have a very stressful job, taking time out to do my weekly classes help me to manage my stress levels and to cope better.”  “Very good, Jane is lovely”  “Eased body aches and pains”  “Excellent all-round practice”  “Teacher is warm, friendly and engaging. Challenging us in a gentle manner”  “Feeling taller when I leave”  “Brilliant”  “Just to say that Jane is a great teacher – helpful and would highly recommend this class and teacher. Very professional managed – Thank you Jenny”  “Particularly enjoy being relaxed. Stretching”  “Good yoga with a good teacher – excellent for relieving stress”  “Enjoyable and friendly”  “Highlight of the week”  “I enjoy my yoga class and have done for many years”  “Will be back next term more”  Felt it was just right for me and will definitely want to repeat.”  “Fantastic experience!”

Yoga Workshop:  “Thank you – a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning.”  “Please keep putting them on!!!”  “Made me find new ways of moving.”  “So pleased I came, time went so fast.”  “Very enjoyable, relaxing and friendly.”

Zumba Gold:  “The Zumba classes have been great fun with Claire being such an encouraging teacher that Thursday has been the best day of the week for some time now!”