Posted on: May 4th 2017

Leo's Mega Mile Fundraiser

My name is Leo and I am 13 years old. I attend the Ormerod base unit at the Marlborough school. I am a member of 8W.

I will walk a mile through Blenheim to raise money for a new minibus for the Ormerod on Saturday 1st July. This will be a huge challenge for me as I have cerebral palsy and find walking difficult. When I was small doctors told me I probably wouldn’t walk at all.

We need a new minibus because the old one is very old and we desperately need a new one. We need a bigger bus so more students will be able to fit. We will be able to go further on our trips.

Please sponsor me for walking a mile through Blenheim Palace by donating via the below link:

Leo's Mega Mile - Donation Link
Please come along to Blenheim Palace on Saturday 1st July 2017 to support me when I walk my Mega Mile.

Details of the time, etc. will be posted nearer the date.

Thank you for your support.


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