Posted on: November 20th 2017

Visit to the North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank

Last term we were contacted by representatives of the North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank (NOCF) who were asking for the school’s help collecting food for the most needy and vulnerable in our community.  We were happy to help, and so during the season of Harvest, the staff and student body galvanised themselves into taking practical actions to help others.  We were overwhelmed by the response of our school community and the impact this simple gesture will have on the lives and well-being of others less fortunate.

The food donations were delivered on Friday 20th October by Mr Hanlon and Year 9 students, Leah and Sam, who have written their own account of the experience below.

- The Food Bank Visit by Leah Taylor 9U

I visited the Food Bank the week before half term with Mr Hanlon and a boy from my Form named Sam, to drop off all the food that we, at The  Marlborough School, collected in our food bins.

Before we got there we unpacked all of the cans and packets into boxes and bags and I just thought to myself…’’wow!  We have collected a lot of food and they are going to be so happy that we have donated all this’’.

But when we got there it was completely different to what I had ever imagined.  There were people helping and it was such a nice friendly environment.  The food that we had collected was nothing compared to what was already there.

I found it very interesting and fascinating to see how they put certain things into boxes of different sizes for different groups of people.

- Visit to the The North Oxford Community Food Bank on Friday 20th October 2017 by Sam McManus 9U 

Last term, myself and a classmate were given the honour of supporting Mr Hanlon in delivering donated food items to the Kidlington Food Bank.

The Kidlington Food Bank is a charitable organisation run by volunteers, that collect gifted food and other items then distributes them to people and families within our community who are experiencing difficulties of hardship.

Incredibly, we had a vast amount of food donated from students of the Marlborough School and their families. It took us much longer than expected to pack up items as there was so much of it.  They were received with much gratitude. 

Thank you to everybody for your donations, which will make a big difference to our community.

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