Bridging Work

Dear Year 12 2021,

Please find below a video from Mr Buckmaster, Head of Sixth about successful introduction to A Level study, Mrs Jones, Deputy Head of Sixth Form about reflecting on the induction day and A Level bridging work and Miss Wilkinson about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in the Sixth Form.  

Bridging work: This is Summer holiday work set by teachers to help Year 11 students who are waiting to take up their places at Sixth Form. The work helps them to make the academic leap from GCSE to A Level. Students will be tested on this work when their courses start to make sure that teachers can identify where each student will need support in starting this level of learning. Examples of subject bridging work can be seen below.


Presentation for Induction Day 2021


Year 12 Art, Craft and Design


A Level Biology Bridging Work

Taster Lesson

Alevel Biology Taster lesson 2021 July


A Level Economics summer bridging work


Psychology Task 1

Psychology Task 2

Religious Studies     

Year 12 Religious Studies Induction

The free will spectrum

Bridging Work Ethics

Bridging Work Philosophy


Year 12 - Bridging Work


Year 12 - Sociology 

Year 12 - Bridging Work


Induction Day Learning Agenda

Lesson Slides

Data Sheets

Bridging Work Chemistry 1

Bridging Work Chemistry 2

Computer Science

Transition to A level Computer Science Workbook

Product Design

A Level Bridging Work EDUQAS

English Literature

A level English Literature induction

Induction Lesson Resources

A level English Literature induction booklet

Y12 Induction presentation


 A Level PE Virtual Induction

A Level PE Bridging Work 

Business Studies

A Level Business summer bridging work


Indudction Lesson PowerPoint

Induction Lesson

Media Studies 

Year 12 Summer bridging work


Physics Taster Day PowerPoint

Physics Taster Session


Psychology introduction lesson worksheet

Further Mathematics

Yr 12 Induction – Introduction to Game Theory



The transition from GCSE to A Level French


MFR Induction PowerPoint

MFR Induction

Mount Nyiragongo

Japan 2021 EQ

Year 11 Bridging Work: Geography


Introduction lesson for new Y12 2021

The Wars of the Roses

Lesson 1 - Cornell Note Making


EPQ projects from 2017-2021

Y12 EPQ Induction presentation