Posted on: October 11th 2017

Blenheim Palace Literacy Festival - Winners Announced

At this morning’s assembly we welcomed Jill Dunsmore representing the Blenheim Palace Festival of Literature, Film and Music; Mr Jarl Severn Managing Director of Owen Mumford and Mrs Blyth Campbell, local resident who has provided the prize money for the non-fiction writing competition.

Jarl Severn announced the winners of this year’s competition and highlighted the judges praise and comments about each final piece.

The winners are;

1st prize to Caroline Bateman Yr12 for her piece on ‘What does Rural England conjure up in your mind?’

An evocative, stylish and contemplative examination of a village as a symptomatic example in a broad account rural life. Pushes against sentimental romanticisation, while also being tempted by it - but that slight tension, that sincere paradoxical turn, is a real strength here.

What does Rural England conjure up in your mind?

2nd prize to Charlie Knight Yr12 for her piece ‘The Plastic Whale’

An urgent, rhetorically sophisticated polemic written both authoritatively - but with a personal passion that is genuinely gripping - and reaches out to the reader in really well-crafted ways

The Plastic Whale

3rd prize to Ben Hawtin Yr7 for his piece ‘The Changes of Wootton’

This essay on the village of Wootton is a treasure-trove of facts and figures, of historical twists and changes, though the highlights are the moments based on his interviews with the writer's grandparents. 

The Changes of Wootton

Runners up were Sophie Hambridge Year 9 and Nathaneal Guiste Year 7.

Well done to everyone who participated in this year’s competition. Look out for the launch of next year’s non-fiction essay competition which will be launched in the summer of 2018!

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