Posted on: December 4th 2017

Poetry Competition Winners

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day was ‘Freedom’ which the English Department then selected for its poetry competition for Years 7 and 8. We were delighted to receive just over 50 entries from budding poets; the quality and range of which made short-listing very difficult. Congratulations to the following students whose respective poems were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd :

1st Place - Philippa Dellar 7R

As I feel my feet and arms going purple, I know,
As I hold my breath to try and keep the horrible stench out, I know;
I know as I hear moans and cries of innocent people,
I know as my family and friends look at me without hope.

Up above me I hear a man being whipped,
I hear the cry “Help, help! Freedom, FREEDOM”;
I feel as if the walls of the boat are walking in closer to me,
“Let me go” I call; “Let me have freedom”.

As the journey goes on I feel trapped, I am no longer free,
I feel enclosed in a cage as all my rights are taken from me;
Everyone lies hopelessly, their eyes growing bigger out of their pale faces,
Fear weaves its way through their body, bullet-like.

As I look down on my thin body, I know we are nearly there,
I look at my friends and family give up, I know;
I know as the anchor goes down that it is my fate to be trapped like an object,
Freedom, freedom, where are you?

2nd Place - Olivia Jordan 7R

If I were a bird
I would fly up, up
Free of this place.

The wind between my feathers,
The sun blazing on my back,
Igniting my loosened soul.

I would break my chained life
And forget all my troubles,
Touching the clouds as I went.

If I were a bird,
I would use my wings and fly
Just to know that freedom isn’t a lie.

3rd Place - Joss Cridland 7V

I wish I was free, then I could do whatever I wanted,
I could dance and sing in the wind
like a songbird in the sky, I would love to fly
Oh to be free is like a dream to me.

I wish I was free, then I could believe in whatever I wanted,
I could vote and influence the world with what I believed in
and I could pray to whatever God I wanted, or not pray at all
Oh to be free is like a dream to me.

But most of all if I was free
I would like to see all my friends and family
and sit around our table and chat, laugh and play
and do that all through the day
Oh to be free is like a dream to me.

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