Posted on: May 27th 2022

Year 10 Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) June 22nd -July 1st 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are writing to let you know the dates and format of the Year 10 PPEs this year. A timetable of exams will follow after half term. The exams will take place from Wednesday 22nd June until Friday 1st July. They will be held in the Sports Hall, MEC and another large classroom in formal examination conditions to prepare students for sitting their GCSEs in May 2023. We will guide students through this process so that they know what to expect at all times. Whenever students are not sitting an exam, they will be in lessons as normal.

Homework is Revision

The Year 10 team and all the subject teachers, have been working with all students to prepare them for these exams and to encourage effective study and revision habits. All departments have set specific revision tasks for students to complete over half term and beyond. All tasks have been published on Satchel One so that you are able to
monitor the completion of this work. Please encourage your child to do this work carefully and thoroughly so that she or he is well placed to do his or her best in the June exams. Attached to this letter is a document that sets out the revision strategies for each subject.

How to revise

All the most recent educational research tells us that the most effective revision is spaced out over the available time. Students should not attempt to study one subject for a whole day; it is better to divide sessions between several topics and keep revisiting the material. This way the learning will stick and students will be better placed to be able to apply their knowledge in the exams.

Re-reading material and highlighting has been proved to be a very ineffective way of working. Making revision cards with key knowledge on and then self-testing is much more effective. This is a great way for you to get involved in your child’s revision. It is also essential to plan in time to relax, see friends and family and do some exercise. Little and often is the key!

As ever, we have the highest possible expectations of all our students. It is essential that all students adhere to the
exam regulations. Failure to do so will be taken very seriously. These expectations are:
● Arrive to school on time, in correct uniform and register as normal.
● Arrive with all the equipment you will need for the exam in a clear pencil case (black pens, pencils, rulers, a
rubber, a scientific calculator and mathematical instruments eg protractor and set square)
● Line up on time and in silence before each exam.
● Do not communicate with any other student once you are in the exam hall.
● All mobiles and electronic devices must be switched off and in bags.
● No wrist watches of any descriptions are permitted in the exams venues (there are digital clocks in each
● Any water must be in a clear bottle with all labels removed.

Year 10s have worked hard so far this year and we are looking forward to seeing them respond positively to these first set of PPEs.

If you have any queries about PPEs please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Flint or Ms Harris directly or

Yours faithfully,

Ms E Harris                                Mr S Flint
Assistant Headteacher             Head of Year


Year 10 PPE Revision 

Year 10 PPE's Timetable