[W] Weekly courses     [S] Saturday workshops

[8+] or [13+] means courses are suitable for ages 8 or 13 upwards when accompanied by a paying, participating adult.

[16+] means courses are suitable for ages 16 upwards, with written parental consent. All other courses are for adults over the age of eighteen.

Our cookery courses with experienced chefs and tutors are always popular. Every student has their own cooker and working space in our clean, modern school teaching kitchen. You will need to bring some of your own equipment such as an apron, oven cloth, knives etc. A list of ingredients is sent to you in advance; tutors often provide specialist ingredients at cost.

*Exact dishes to be included on the day will be on the website nearer to the course date and may vary from those named here.

Breads of the World [W] [13+]
Mondays 19:00-21:00
21 Oct (6 wks + Tues 10 Dec, total 7 classes)
£98 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Everything about it was fantastic!”

Explore the secrets of soft but fully flavoured focaccia, pizza and ciabatta. Have fun shaping French fougasse, brioche, doughnuts and American bagels. Make pitta, naan and the most delicious Pane Pugliese using the Dutch oven technique and alternative flours. Mariella has been successfully baking and selling focaccia and ciabatta for over 17 years. The final week is on two consecutive nights to enable you to cook (and eat!) your final breads together. Students will need to allow time for advance preparation and cooking their breads at home the next day.

Italian Cookery Course [W] [13+]
Mondays 19:00-21:00
13 Jan (10 wks), £140 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

“I have learnt so much and Mariella is a brilliant tutor” (Breads of the World)

With Mariella being from Naples, she is well placed to take you on a 10 week ‘tour’ of her native Italy to teach you how to cook its wonderful cuisine from the rich sauces and stuffed meats of the North to the lighter olive oils and seafood of the South. You’ll cover classics such as risotto, gnocchi, pannacotta, tiramisu, fresh pasta and pizza, alongside less well-known regional dishes such as Parmigiana Di Melanzane, Amalfi doughnuts and arancini. Buon Appetito!

Cooking on a Budget [S] [13+]
Saturday 12 October
10:00-16:00, £46 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

This one day workshop is an investment which pays back! Mariella will introduce you to ways of cooking to make your meals go further using low cost ingredients to keep down your shopping bill. She will show you that cooking on a budget doesn’t have to be dull, and that you can still eat healthy and varied meals like Mexican eggs and tortillas, dahls with homemade naan bread, and fresh pesto and sauces for pasta*, using the tips and techniques she shares.

Italian Cookery: Ravioli Marathon [S] [13+]
Saturday 16 November
10:00-16:00, £46 + ingredients
Tutor: Carla Colombani Skinner

“Fab teacher, much fun!”

Everyone had such a good time on this course last year, we are offering it again! You will prepare two different types of Ravioli filling, a traditional one with ham, meat and Parmesan, and a vegetarian one with spinach, ricotta cheese and Parmesan to make small ravioli parcels, learning how to make fresh pasta in the process.

The aim is to prepare an alternative family Christmas dish which is extremely versatile and can be easily frozen. We will also look at several different ways to serve and dress ravioli (sauces). This workshop is suitable for confident beginners. All ingredients can be provided at cost but a list for you to buy them, if you prefer, will be sent to everybody in advance.

Vegan Cookery [S] [13+]
Saturday 8 February
10:00-16:00, £46 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

Whether you’re already a vegan wanting to find new recipes and ways to use plant-based food, or you want to find out why so many people have been converted to vegan, you’ll find lots of inspiration and advice from Mariella. You will cook savoury and sweet recipes like falafel and wraps, aubergine stew, and the best tomato sauce with water based fresh pasta*, to expand your repertoire, maybe introduce you to new ingredients, and enable you to eat vegan whenever you wish.

Curries of the World [S] [13+]
Saturday 14 March
10:00-16:00, £46 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

Spend a day experimenting with the wonderful flavours that have made curry one of our most popular foods in this country. You will learn how to make curry paste using a pestle and mortar, and cook some classic dishes like easy green and red Thai curries, staples like lentil dahl, and fish and fruit Malaysian curry*.

Breadmaking Introduction [S] [13+]
Saturday 16 May
10:00-16:00, £46 + ingredients
Tutor: Mariella Bliss

If you can’t commit to our evening course, this one day introduction to baking delicious home-made bread will give you the basic skills and confidence to start having a go at home. Mariella will show you how to make some favourites like easy pizza, Naan bread, Fougasse and Ciabatta*, help you learn how to knead dough and discover the secrets to successful proving. The results are so delicious, you’ll be hooked!