Work Experience

How do I find a placement?

Your work experience should be in line with both your subjects you currently study, what interests you beyond school and a career that you wish to pursue. To find a suitable work experience, you need to speak to people, research and make enquiries wherever possible.

Networking is an essential skill to sourcing a purposeful placement. Try to speak to as many individuals as possible to find a work experience that is your own. If you are struggling with finding a suitable work experience, please see Mr Thomas or speak to your Form Tutor.

We strongly recommend you organise your own experience, with a placement that is both stimulating and purposeful towards your next steps. Along with completing the week, it is in your best interests to evaluate your experiences and use this evidence to support your letter of application you will be writing for university applications / apprenticeships / employment.

When you have found a placement

All placements have to be registered with the Business and Skills Bureau who check the employer’s insurance and Health and Safety compliance. When you have found an employer willing to take you on Work Experience, you must complete the Student Own Placement (SOP) form obtaining the employer’s details and ask them to sign it.

When complete return the form to Ms Whittaker in the MEC office. The information will then be given to the Oxfordshire Work Experience Team. Only when the placement is confirmed by the Business & Skills Bureau, can it be considered settled. This all takes time so please start the process of finding a placement and returning your form to school.

Sixth Form Work Experience Date  
Work Experience Application Form 16th Jan 2017 Download