Policies Date  
Accessibility Plan for The Marlborough School 2015-18 09th Dec 2015 Download
Admissions Policy 2017/18 28th Sep 2016 Download
Admissions Policy 2018/19 15th Sep 2017 Download
Anti Bullying Policy 05th Oct 2017 Download
Attendance and Home School Agreement 25th May 2017 Download
Behaviour and Discipline Policy 01st Feb 2015 Download
Capability Procedure 15th Jun 2017 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 16th May 2016 Download
Collective Worship Policy 11th Jan 2018 Download
Complaints Policy 11th Oct 2016 Download
Curriculum Policy 05th Oct 2017 Download
Data Protection Policy 01st Feb 2014 Download
Drugs Education Policy 07th Jul 2017 Download
E Safety Acceptable Use Policy 01st Oct 2014 Download
E Safety Rules Summary 01st Oct 2015 Download
Equality Objectives 19th Sep 2016 Download
Freedom of Information Act Policy 25th May 2017 Download
Governors Allowances and Expenses 15th Jun 2017 Download
Health and Safety Policy 13th Jul 2017 Download
Home School Agreement 28th Sep 2016 Download
Homework A Parent Guide 2016-19 25th May 2017 Download
Homework Policy 25th May 2017 Download
Managing Allegations Against Another Pupil 11th Oct 2016 Download
Mobile Phones Policy 28th Sep 2016 Download
Mobile Phones Policy Pupil Guide 28th Sep 2016 Download
Photographic Consent Form 01st Jul 2016 Download
Raising Grievances Policy March 2017 25th May 2017 Download
Residential Education Policy 20th May 2016 Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 05th Oct 2017 Download
SEN Policy 07th Nov 2017 Download
Sex and Relationships 15th Jun 2017 Download
Staff and Volunteer Acceptable Use of ICT Agreement 05th Oct 2017 Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs 01st Apr 2015 Download
Whistleblowing Policy 13th Dec 2017 Download
Young Carers Policy 14th Oct 2016 Download