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At The Marlborough Church of England School we have high expectations of every aspect of school, including the uniform we wear. We are proud of our smart uniform, which represents our shared commitment to excellence.

The driving force behind our school uniform is a desire to want all pupils to feel a sense of pride and belonging to their school community. Wearing our uniform with pride reflects our values of community and ambition. Removing issues surrounding uniform compliance helps us all to focus and prioritise work and learning. It is a visible sign that, as a school, we have high standards and high expectations, as well as a high level of care – we want everyone to be part of it and everyone to be involved. It reflects our stated purpose and our shared vision, where everyone is equal, and everyone is valued. Wearing our uniform shows that we have these values and standards in common, that we are part of the history of the school, and that we are connected to something bigger than our individual selves.

The school uniform is purchased from SWI via the link below: Parents/Carers should register and login in order to make purchases.

SWI Uniform Shop

Students are also able to order a warm quarter zip PE fleece from BlueBlood Sports. This is an optional piece of clothing to purchase instead of or in addition to the navy quarter zip top from SWI. To order please visit the link here. Items will be delivered to your home address.

School jumper

The school jumper is purchased from SWI.

This must be worn at all times, unless permission is granted to remove it.

School Tie

The school tie is purchased from SWI.

This must be worn at all times. Ties are available as traditional ties or in ‘clip-on’ form.


White formal school shirt or white school blouse - top button fastened, shirt tucked in. 

Skirt / Trousers

The school trousers available from SWI, or an identical alternative.

The school skirt available from SWI, or an identical alternative.


Plain, black footwear (low heel).


Plain, dark coloured socks or tights.


Students should have a suitable coat for the weather. Hoodies and sweatshirts are not acceptable and should not be worn to school.


Students require a suitable school bag to carry books and equipment.


A navy apron for practical aspects. This is purchased from SWI.

Sports Uniform

If parents/carers have any questions about uniform, if your child is eligible for Free School Meals or you are worried about the financial implications of purchasing uniform then please contact

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