If we look around us, technology is everywhere. A recent survey concluded that 65% of today's students will be employed in jobs that don't exist yet, with technology and computing being at the centre of this movement. It’s essential that students leave school equipped with the skills to venture into the working world. Due to this, Computer Science is becoming one of the fastest growing subjects across the world. 

Students have the opportunity to study Computer Science throughout their time at The Marlborough School. We have 3 computing rooms, all equipped with both desktop computers and chromebooks.  

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9)

Students in KS3 take part in Computing and Computer Science once a week in one of our computing suites. They are taught in their form groups and will engage with many different topics covering the computing landscape. The KS3 curriculum touches on many topics that are covered in the GCSE specification, meaning students can make an educated and informed decision as to whether Computer Science may be right for them as a GCSE option. 

Year 7 - Foundational skills (using the google suite, writing emails, social media and online safety)

Year 8 - Topic 1, Binary. Topic 2, Computer Systems. Topic 3, Coding with MicroBits. Topic 4, Networks. Topic 5, Python Programming

Year 9 - Topic 1, Maths and Logic. Topic 2, Python Programming. Topic 3, Computer Software. Topic 4, Web design (HTML, CSS) 

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Exam board - OCR  (J227 specification)

The subject content in Computer Science is split into 2 elements. These are both assessed through exams. 

Topic 1 - Computer systems (CPU architecture, memory and storage, networks, system security, system software and legal/ethical issues in computing). 50% of final grade

Topic 2 - Computational thinking and problem solving (algorithms, programming fundamentals, producing robust programs, boolean logic and programming languages). 

50% of final grade

The GCSE is suited to students who enjoy problem solving, logical thinking and those who have an interest in how computers work and how devices communicate across the world. 

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

Exam board - OCR (H446 specification)

The subject content in Computer Science is split into 3 elements. Topic 1 and 2 are exam based. Topic 3 is set as coursework in year 12 and will run through until year 13. 

Topic 1 - Computer Systems (characteristics of contemporary processors, software and software development, exchanging data, data structures and legal / ethical issues in computing). 40% of final grade

Topic 2 - Algorithms and programming (computational thinking, problem solving and programming, algorithms) - 40% of final grade

Topic 3 - Programming project - 20% of final grade

The A-level is suited to those who have flourished in their GCSE and who have developed a deep understanding and interest of computer systems and programming. This course is designed to set students up for further education within computing or to allow students to enter the working world with enough practical experience to succeed. 


Departmental Team

Mr O Adams