Ready to Learn

In order to promote a genuine culture of learning and ambition across the whole school, and to allay concerns over some low-level disruption of learning that was taking place in certain classes, we spent some time at the start of this year discussing with staff how we could address this in a clear, concise and consistent way. What emerged from this discussion, and from subsequent discussions with the Student Council, was the idea of all students being ‘Ready to Learn’. We agreed on a series of expectations that would apply to every student, every teacher, every lesson, in every classroom, under-pinned by one of our core values: respect. The quite complex ideas were gradually distilled into simple statements that describe what these expectations are:

Respect for others

1.  Arrive on time for lessons.

2.  Follow the routine established for the start of lesson, including where you should sit.

3.  Listen carefully when others are talking.

4.  Follow all instructions.

Respect for your own learning

5.  Come fully prepared with the right equipment for each lesson.

6.  Take an active part in your learning.

7.  Be positive and try your best at all times.

8.  Focus on your own work – do not disrupt the learning of others.

Respect for your environment

9.  Pack up when instructed to and leave the room or area tidy.

10.  Follow the routine established for the end of lesson.

The expectations of ‘Ready to Learn’ are fair, clear and non-negotiable. Every students’ learning is crucial and if we want to maximise our chances of achieving our best in school, then we need to be able to learn without interruption in every single lesson - and not accept that we will lose time to poor behaviour.

Ready to Learn Date  
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