I am delighted to welcome you to the Marlborough Church of England School.

As Principal, I feel very proud to be given the opportunity to lead such a special place. It is my strong belief that leading a school in this present day is the most challenging, exciting and stimulating job that anybody could wish for.

I passionately believe that the best schools have a clear sense of purpose and a strong sense of their own identity. My vision of school is one that has four main characteristics. These are that:

  • it is, at its heart, a school based on values – values that are understood, shared, unchanging and lived out in the daily practices and routines of school;
  • learning is at the very heart of everything that happens at school, at every level;
  • the school provides the best opportunities for all its students to achieve success in every aspect of school and life; and,
  • school is a place that allows each individual to find his or her talent – and once they have found it, to nurture and develop it – the primary goal being to get young people to discover what they are genuinely capable of doing and provide opportunities to fulfil that potential.

At Marlborough, we all believe, genuinely and unequivocally, in the capacity and potential of every child. The most successful schools today are those that are able to find the necessary balance between setting ambitious and challenging goals for all students, being academically outstanding and uncompromising in expecting the best outcomes for all our students, whilst at the same time ensuring that all our young people feel safe and secure and have opportunities to develop as fully-rounded, mature young people. Our school cannot simply be measured by outcomes alone; it has got to be measured by the people it helps shape.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school. We are very proud of all we have to offer and are confident that your son or daughter will be both challenged and cherished in their time with us. As Principal, I recognise the huge responsibility we have as a school to do the best we possibly can for your child and re-pay the trust that you will show in us if you choose to send your child to Marlborough. I want you to feel confident that we take this responsibility seriously and will endeavour to do our very best for every individual child in our care.

Andrew Hanlon