Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

At The Marlborough Church of England School, Woodstock, we are committed to the enrichment of the whole person and believe that every individual has the right to the best possible education. In line with the aims of the Oxford Diocesan Board, we:

  • Recognise the uniqueness of every individual;
  • Provide a safe, happy and healthy environment;
  • Seek to develop our social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding of the world;
  • Enable all our students to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We are a genuine learning community that is committed to achieving excellence in all we do. We believe in the capacity and potential of every child. We strive to find the balance between being ambitious, rigorous, uncompromising and academically outstanding, with making sure our young people are nurtured, cherished and cared for. Our school cannot simply be measured by outcomes alone, but by the people it helps to shape.

Our Values

1. Respect – We believe in mutual respect between all members of our community. We value strong, positive relationships between students and teachers and students and students. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. We treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

2. Equality – We are a truly unique community which includes everyone in the Ormerod Resource Base. Everyone is valued as an individual in their own right. We show empathy, compassion and kindness towards others. We value friendship. We encourage everyone to find themselves and to be themselves. Everyone here is treated equally and fairly.

3. Ambition – We aim to be the best we can be. We strive for academic excellence. We aim to find everyone’s talent; to nurture it and develop it. We want the best possible futures and opportunities for all our young people.

4. Honesty – We believe in always telling the truth and taking responsibility for our actions. Integrity is at the heart of our relationships. We trust each other and behave in a way that allows others to trust us.
5. Perseverance – We value working hard and never giving up, especially when we find things challenging. We learn from our failures and have the courage to try new things and to take risks. We ask questions and show full commitment to everything we do. 6. Community – We are proud to be part of our school. We enjoy our Electives Programme and take an active part in the wider community. We work closely with our Primary Schools and local churches. We are committed to raising money for our chosen charities. We recognise our role as part of a national and international community.

Church Links

Our link with the Woodstock Benefice and St Mary Magdalene Church

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