Absence and Medical Care


There are 175 non-school days. We request that medical and dental appointments should preferably be made during these days, or alternatively after the school day has finished, so that your child does not miss valuable educational time.

Please ensure that you report your child’s absence at the earliest opportunity. Due to safeguarding reasons we require each day of absence to be reported. If we have not received a call into school, the Attendance Officer will contact you during the course of the morning. You can report a student’s absence on Tel: 01993 811431 option 1, or alternatively please email Please note that we do require parental consent for absences, we cannot accept a message left by the student.

Please note that the law now insists that parents do not have the right to authorise absence, therefore requests for leave of absence must be made to the Principal, via the Form Tutor, at least a day in advance. Dental and hospital appointments should be made out of school time whenever possible.

We would like to remind you that the national average is 95% attendance. Any student who falls below 90% is regarded as a persistent absentee. If you have any concerns with regards to your child’s attendance please contact the Attendance Office or alternatively speak with your child’s form tutor. The Attendance Records begin at 100% at the start of each school year.

Any requests for leave must be completed on the form located at the bottom of this page.

Medical care

Our lead qualified first aider is Julie Brinkworth, who is on site during school hours to deal with emergencies and children who feel unwell. If for any reason you would like to contact her please call 01993 811431 ext 201.

Pupils who are unwell and/or need to leave school during the school day

  • Pupils displaying minor or mild symptoms will be given a short period of time in which to recover. Their status will be regularly monitored while they are in the medical room. In the case of minor or mild symptoms, and after the period of recuperation has expired, a judgement will be made as to whether pupils return to class or parents need to collect them.
  • Medical complaints (aches, pains etc.) will be recorded in the medical book while injuries arising from an accident will be recorded on the ‘online’ accident report form.
  • No medication will be administered under any of the above circumstances, without prior permission of the parent/carer.
  • Please note that should your child need to leave school at any point during the day, parents or carers will need to collect him/her from Reception. If you are unable to come into school, but give permission for your child to walk home or catch a bus, you will need to contact Reception to advise of the arrangements.

Accident/injury sustained whilst at school

In the event of a situation judged to be sufficiently serious the emergency services will be promptly called, as will the parents or the nominated emergency contact(s).

If the pupil is incapacitated i.e. arm in sling/on crutches, parents and/or pupil are asked to report to the lead first aider at reception to undertake a risk assessment upon return to school.

Procedure for informing school of injury sustained out of school hours

Should your child injure him/herself out of school hours, please inform the lead first aider upon return to school for a risk assessment.

Procedure for informing school of post surgery or critical illness care

If your child has been critically unwell or has undergone surgery, please contact the lead first aider for a risk assessment and so that we are well informed to enable us to provide the best care for your child.

Any other medical/first aid enquiries

Please do not hesitate to liaise with the school with any concerns you may have related to medical or first aid queries.


Julie Brinkworth, Lead First Aider
Tel: 01993 811431 ext 201

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