The Marlborough Church of England School Uniform

At The Marlborough Church of England School we have high expectations of every aspect of school, including the uniform we wear. We are proud of our smart uniform, which represents our shared commitment to excellence. The uniform especially embodies three of our school values:

  • The formal nature of the uniform reflects the aspirant nature of our school and our value of ambition;
  • Everyone wears the same, supporting our value of equality;
  • The uniform proudly displays our school logo, building our sense of community.

The school uniform is purchased from SWI via the link:  Parents/Carers should register and login in order to make purchases.

School jumper

The school jumper is purchased from SWI.

 This must be worn at all times, unless permission is granted to remove it.

School Tie

The school tie is purchased from SWI.

This must be worn at all times. Ties are available as traditional ties or in ‘clip-on’ form.


White formal school shirt or white school blouse - top button fastened, shirt tucked in. Plain white vests or T-shirts may be worn underneath.

Skirt/ Trousers

The school trousers available from SWI, or an identical alternative.

The school skirt (knee length) available from SWI, or an identical alternative.


Formal black school shoes or ankle boots. Trainers or footwear with sports branding (even if black) are not acceptable. High heels are not acceptable.


Plain black socks or tights.


Students should have a suitable coat for the weather. Hoodies and sweatshirts are not acceptable.


Only subtle, skin-coloured make-up may be worn (e.g. concealer). No nail varnish or false nails. Only one pair of plain stud earrings is acceptable. Facial piercings are not permitted.


A navy apron for practical subjects. This is purchased from SWI.


PE Kit

School sports training jacket (from SWI)

School sports top (from SWI)


Navy sports socks

Navy shorts

Football boots

Swimsuit/ swimming trunks

Gum shield

Shin pads

Optional: Navy leggings or tapered tracksuit trousers (both from SWI)


Students require a suitable school bag for books and sports kit. All belongings must be marked clearly with the owner’s name. All students in all Year Groups must have their planner in every lesson, every day. All equipment is available to purchase from the Resources Department at school. Calculators and revision guides are available from the Finance Office.


  • Reading book
  • Black/ blue pens
  • Purple pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Highlighters
  • Coloured pencils
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Calculator: Casio 85GTX Classwiz


  • Glue stick
  • Small scissors
  • Mini white board pen

We strongly recommend that all students from Years 7-11 wear the smart uniform described above, which includes trousers and skirts purchased from SWI. We have used considerable thought and effort in selecting models which represent good value for money and are comfortable for students of different shapes and sizes and easily washable, as well as being suitable for the formal school environment.

However, we are very aware that given current challenging circumstances many families will be living in uncertain financial situations.  Some families will not be considering purchasing new uniform at the moment or may be able to source alternative trousers and skirts at an even lower cost; students may have existing uniform that they will continue to wear. We ask that families choose smart black trousers and skirts. Jeans, leggings, tracksuit trousers and short skirts made from stretchy material are not suitable for school. We remind families that trainers or shoes with sports logos (for example Nike Air Force) are not suitable for school. We ask that students wear smart black shoes which are widely available at reasonable prices.

When new uniform is purchased, we strongly encourage families to choose the SWI trousers and skirts that we have selected. However, we believe whole-heartedly that school uniform should not put pressure and stress on families in these difficult times. If parents/carers have any questions about uniform, if your child is eligible for Free School Meals or you are worried about the financial implications of purchasing uniform then please contact Assistant Headteacher Ms Elli Bromley .

Should students wish to wear the optional sports leggings or track suit bottoms for PE lessons, these are available through SWI. These are all navy in colour and hygienic, sport-appropriate material. Your child’s PE teacher will provide further guidance if you wish to seek alternatives.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of the school, our shared values and our commitment to excellence. 

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