Electives vision:

Our school cannot simply be measured by outcomes alone but by the people we help to shape.

Through our Electives programme students will develop a broad range of lifelong interests that contribute to their health and wellbeing, strengthen their social and community connections and provide intellectual stimulation, enjoyment and fulfilment.

We believe that these opportunities should be an entitlement for all students.

Electives principles:

  • The programme will include a range of Electives which

    • Develop mental health and wellbeing

    • Develop physical health and fitness

    • Develop sporting skills

    • Provide cultural experiences

    • Provide opportunities to make, create and perform

    • Explore academic interests beyond the specified curriculum

    • Contribute to and connect with the school and wider community

  • The programme will be inclusive and ambitious.

  • The programme will include a range of paid and free Electives.

  • Electives will maintain our Commitment to Excellence standards.

  • Electives will have clear intent and be well planned and structured.

  • Electives may have a greater emphasis on creation, performance, game play, exploration and investigation than other lessons.

Electives Spring 23

Electives take place during P4 and 5 on Wednesday. Y7 and 10 complete Electives weekly while Y8 and 9 complete Electives fortnightly.

Year 7

Faith in the Community, IT, Learning to Learning, Mindfulness

Year 8, 9 and 10


What you will do:

Year group




Ceramics modelling and building: Explore a range of clay building and techniques, use a range of clay tools and resources, work with range of oxides and glazes to create exciting surface effects.




Practise your footballing skills and enjoy a competitive kick-about in mini-matches.




Hone your cookery skills and take home what you have created, for family and friends to enjoy! Bring your own ingredients.



Duke of Edinburgh

All students signed up for Bronze DofE who haven’t yet completed a DofE Elective term are expected to attend:

 Learn essential skills to help you on your expedition and many other top DofE tips.




Make use of the outstanding facilities at FeelFit Gym, Cowley, Oxfordshire’s largest gym. Coaches are on hand to teach you how to use their state-of-art equipment.



Independent Study

For those who wish to make use of the 2 hours a week to focus further on your studies. This may be particularly beneficial if you have heavy extra-curricular commitments.



Make & Create

Learn decorative techniques like appliqué, stencilling, batik and embroidery, as well as basic (hand and machine) sewing skills. Make and create toys, bags, cushions and other items.



Musical Theatre

Enjoy top-quality coaching from musical theatre teacher Boni Goodgame. Combining dance, singing and acting, it will give you a fabulous array of skills.



Samba Band

Come and play the energetic rhythms of Samba! You will learn how to create a carnival atmosphere through drumming and develop your rhythmic skills using an array of Samba percussion from Brazil: Agogo Bells, Tambourims, Surdos, Claves and Ganzas!




Enjoy the fabulous spin studio at FeelFit Gym, Cowley. Spin is a sure way to get you to peak fitness!



Sports Leaders

Test your organisation and leadership skills and plan sporting events for young people and our partnership primary schools. Interest in sports and working in teams is key.



Table Tennis

Want to work on your spins and smashes? Perfect your technique in this ultra-fast paced and fun game. A great way to make new friends, as you move around tables to compete.




Are you interested in exploring the footpaths of Woodstock, planning routes and going on adventures? Then put on your walking boots or sturdy trainers and grab your coat!




If you have any questions regarding Electives, please contact Anna Harris, Electives coordinator, at or Jake Jones, Deputy Headteacher, at