Name Roles and Responsibilties Contact
Mrs A McCleary SENCO/Transition Lead

Mrs R Jones Assistant Headteacher: Safeguarding and Inclusion
Mrs S Wise SEN Administrator and D of E Manager


Name Roles and Responsibilites
Mrs L Capewell Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs C Carvalho Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Ferguson HLTA: Science
Ms X Fry Pastoral Support Assistant (KS5)
Mrs E Gardner HLTA
Mrs E Gunn-Batty DDSL
Mrs J Kenny Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs L Luckhurst Student Counsellor
Ms J Millard HLTA
Mrs S Oliver Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Pattison Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs W Perry Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Simpson Attendance Officer
Mrs G Wheeler

Teaching Assistant


Inclusive by Design: Making our ambitious curriculum inclusive and accessible for pupils with SEND

Over the past three years we have been developing our teaching practice in the areas shown below. We have prioritised these areas as they have a positive impact on all our students but are particularly impactful for students with Special Educational Needs or Disability. As such, we have equipped teachers with a repertoire of strategies that ensure every student can access our ambitious curriculum.

  • Intentional seating plans remove distractions and allow teachers to closely monitor engagement and understanding of pupils.

  • Commitment to Excellence removes distractions and creates a predictable, safe and focussed learning environment, alleviating pressure on working memory.

  • Silent DNAs are used for regular retrieval practice embedding key content in long-term memory.

  • New material is presented in small steps (Chunking) to reduce the risk of cognitive overload.

  • Modelling of tasks helps students to better understand the thinking and processes that underpin tasks.

  • Targeted Hands Down Questioning allows teachers to carefully check the understanding of students.

  • Pre-teaching of subject specific vocabulary reduces cognitive load when new concepts are explained

  • Implementation of strategies within pupils profiles and EHCP plans ensure that individual barriers are removed.

Special Educational Needs and Disability: The Local Offer

The local offer for SEN and Disability (SEND) brings together information about education, health and care services for children and young people from 0 to 25 with SEND.

SEN Date  
School SEN Information Reports 07th Sep 2022 Download