Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience 2019/20 - When you have found a placement

All placements have to be registered with the Oxfordshire Work Experience team who check the Employer’s Liability Insurance and Health and Safety compliance. When you have found an employer willing to take you on Work Experience, you must complete the Employer Details Form found below. This must be fully completed by the employer and signed.

Ask your parent or carer to sign the form to confirm they are happy with the details given and the arrangements with the employer.

Print a copy for yourself but hand in the original to Ms. Whittaker in the Careers office (near E1).

The information will then be given to the Oxfordshire Work Experience Team. Only when the placement is confirmed by them, can it be considered settled. This all takes time so please start the process of finding a placement early and ensure all information is completed by the deadline date Friday 6th March 2020.

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