Posted on: August 24th 2017

Fantastic GCSE Results at The Marlborough C of E School

It gives me great pleasure to announce another excellent set of results achieved by the Year 11 students here at Marlborough. We are particularly proud of our achievements in English and Maths, with the students taking the reformed, more challenging examinations.

The new grading system can be explained here (GCSE Fact sheet) and here (GCSE Grading – FAQs).  

English standard pass (A*-C equivalent): 83%

Maths standard pass (A*-C equivalent): 74%

Basics: 68% (significantly up on last year)

This is a remarkable performance which reflect the dedication, commitment and hard work put in by all of our students – as well as by their teachers. It has been a real team effort and we are so proud of all that they have achieved.

These results show that Marlborough is a place where everyone can achieve their goals and where perseverance and a passion for learning brings great rewards.  Our students of all abilities continue to flourish, not least our highest achieving students who have gained the highest possible grades. These include nineteen students who achieved 8 or more A* and A grades (or their numerical equivalent) in all their subjects: Caroline Bateman; Charlotte Thomas; Zoe Brown; Daisie Leach; Rosie Taylor; Grace Williamson-Beare; Erica Smith; Eleanor Chambers; Fergus Dyer; Peter Job; Patrick Hunn; Megan Claridge; Issy Phillips; Ezinne Anthony-Uzoeto; Charlie Knight; Bethany Scott; Julie Breed; Shade Dean-Alegre; and Finn Austin.

Huge congratulations to all our students. We look forward to welcoming the majority of you back into our Sixth Form.

To those young people continuing their journey at College or an apprenticeship, we wish them the very best of luck for the future.

Andrew Hanlon, Principal.

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