Posted on: July 5th 2018

Year 9 Visit To The Houses Of Parliament

30 Year 9 students were given the opportunity to visit the houses of Parliament in Westminster on a warm day in July. The day was set up by the MP for Witney, Robert Courts, who acted both as tour guide and answered any questions that students had. We began with a tour of the Houses of Parliament, visiting both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Throughout the tour it was particularly striking how close to home lots of the history is. For example, Mr Courts pointed out the stained glass window dedicated to Woodstock and also the many references to Winston Churchill.

Following the tour, Mr Courts had arranged the booking of one of the committee rooms and this provided an opportunity for students to ask him questions of their choice. If the first question "what football team do you support?" was anything to go by Mr Courts may have thought he was in for an easy ride. However, this was followed up by a wide variety of questions broaching a range of current political topics. Included were the following:

  • As a representative of West Oxfordshire, a constituency that voted remain in the recent EU referendum, is it not your duty to represent you constituents views by rejecting Brexit?
  • Now that we have repaid our war debt, how do you think this could affect our relationship with the US?
  • What are the benefits of Brexit for our generation?
  • Which countries are you most eager to trade with, post-Brexit?
  • Would you vote against your party for something you believed in?

Mr Courts commented on the high quality questions that were asked by students. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Courts and Betsy Glasgow who helped organise the day and provide such an invaluable experience for our pupils.

Mr Gavin and Mrs Phipps

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