Posted on: February 28th 2022

Year 11 2022 Revision

Year 11 March PPEs, Revision and Exam Board GCSE support

Dear Parents and Carers,

This half term has been a busy one for Year 11. They have continued to work hard in
lessons and show real commitment to the final months of their GCSE study and have made real progress in terms of applications for their chosen destination. Destinations’ Day gave students an opportunity to experience A Level style lessons to inform their choices and also a chance for all students to complete an application for college and explore different skills needed for the world of work.

March 21st: Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

Teachers have been preparing students for a second, shorter, round of PPEs which will take place in w.b. 21.3.22. The timetable for these assessments is attached to this letter and on the website. Teachers have been preparing students for these assessments with clear guidance about revision topics and strategies. An updated Central Revision Document that shares the key revision strategy of each subject will be attached to this letter and also available on the website. As ever, our message is: homework is revision. Students have been set up for their half term revision and should aim to complete all these tasks. A final Year 11 Progress Review will be published in April.

‘Period 6’: Targeted Revision Support

As part of their subject revision strategy, some subjects will offer targeted revision sessions after February half term. These are carefully planned to avoid clashes. We will advise students and families of sessions that are best suited to them. A calendar of lunchtime and after school sessions will be on the website and sent with this letter for you to plan accordingly. We will review these sessions and plan for more following the March PPEs.

Exam Board GCSE support

In light of the ongoing disruption to education across the country, the Department for
Education has put together some adjustments to the content that will be covered in some subjects. This is in addition to the modifications that have been made already to some subjects. The full summary of adjustments can be found here: 2022  Curriculum Leaders and teachers have been digesting this information and adapting revision materials and assessments accordingly. Students should listen carefully to the guidance of their teachers in terms of what and how to revise.

GCSE examinations May 16th - June 29th

The summer exam timetable can be found on the school website here. Students will
continue to be taught structured revision lessons in school until May half term (Friday May 27th). Exam booster sessions will be timetabled before each GCSE exam to support students. After May half term, students will only be required to be in school for their exams or revision sessions. Study rooms will be available each day in school to support students who would prefer to work in school.

GCSE Results Day

Results will be published this year on Thursday 25th August. We will be in touch with full details on this in due course.

If you have any further queries about GCSEs, destinations or anything we can do to further support your child in the last months of Year 11, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly at the email addresses below.
Yours faithfully,

Ms Emilly Harris: Assistant Headteacher             Miss Natalie Batten: Head of Year 11        

Revision Document

Period 6 Calendar

PPE Timetable