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Careers Post 16+

What subjects? What University?

When deciding your subjects to study at Sixth form or College, see how they relate to future study and careers by using the Informed Choices website. This website has been developed by the Russell Group in order for students to be more informed on where subjects can lead to specific University degrees.

It is a very easy 3-step process which will provide you with a list of degree and career related areas for you to print off.

Research Job Families

Click on this link to access a huge range of job roles > researching some job families. There’s lots of information about a wide range of jobs including some you may not have realised exist!

Work Experience and Volunteering

Work experience is a really good way of discovering whether you would enjoy a particular career path. It will also look good on your CV.  

You will also take part in the school’s Work Experience programme giving you the opportunity to try an area of work to see if you will enjoy it, prior to making a decision.  Keep your record book and use this as evidence for your prospective employer.

You may also want to consider National Citizen Service. It’s a residential and local programme for students in Years 11 or 12. You will have an assembly about this programme and you can find out more by looking it up on YouTube.

Keep your options open, explore all avenues and keep positive.  Talk to staff about your options. Discuss your ideas with family.  Remember there are always others who are there to support you.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

If you have a good idea of the type of work or career you would like to embark on, another option is to explore whether there are apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities in your chosen field.

Attend careers fairs in your school and local area. There are many opportunities to meet with employers and training providers.  Look out for information in school about these events.  

Contact Mrs Whittaker, Careers Leader on , for assistance with research and job opportunities.

Register on Find an Apprenticeship  or Research Apprenticeship Guide.

Other Student Support Websites and Links Created by Oxfordshire County Council, this website is specifically for young people. It offers information and advice on areas of Health, Life, Learning and Employment within the local area including apprenticeships.  There is also a ‘Live Chat’ facility with qualified advisers

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