The department is fully equipped with an Apple Mac 'Mini' suite, keyboards, tuned percussion and a samba kit. There are practice rooms for independent rehearsal and learning, all of which contain a keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, microphone and amps. Students will need permission to work in these rooms during lunch and break times.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9)

Students take part in one music lesson per week, in form groups. Students should expect to learn about a range of topics at KS3, which will enhance their understanding of different musical styles and traditions. They will be expected to create performances using technology, alongside performing using instruments and voices in groups.

  • Year 7: Samba and Rhythm (I), The Voice and Ensembles (I), Chords and Harmony (GB), The Blues (I), Melody and Scales (I), Music for Pictures (GB).
  • Year 8: West African Drumming and Fusions (I), Minimalism and Patterns (GB), Reggae and Rhythm (I), Dance Music and Texture (GB), Pop Songs and Basslines (I), Musical Futures (I).
  • Year 9: Composition to a Set Brief (GB), Preparing for a Christmas Audition (I), Music for Stage and Screen (I), The Charts (I), Choose a Project (GB).

Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11)

Specifications can change between Year 11 and Year 10, so please double-check with your teacher.

  • Music (Single Award GCSE)
    Specification: Edexcel GCSE in Music (7010)

Students study GCSE Music from the EdExcel Exam board. There is an element of performance and composition as well as a listening exam at the end of Year 11:



% of Final Mark


Students create two performances
(a) a solo performance, and
(b) an ensemble performance



Students create two compositions - One from a brief set by the exam board e.g. Minimalism and one decided by their teacher e.g. Dance Music, Ternary Form.


Listening exam

Students study specific Set Works from various styles and traditions across the two years of the course, as well as developing skills they will be able to apply to 'unfamiliar' music. They will be examined on these Set Works and new extracts at the end of Year 11.


 Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

  • Music - Examination board: AQA.

More information can be found is our Sixth Form curriculum brochure.

Music Out of Hours

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Concerts for 2019-20 are advertised in the School Calendar and on the school website.

The Music Department are planning to take a group of musicians to Belgium in the Summer of 2020 – details will be sent via InTouch.

Departmental Team

Ms L Phipps (Subject Leader)
Mr J Smith