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[W] Weekly courses     [S] Saturday workshops

[8+] or [13+] means courses are suitable for ages 8 or 13 upwards when accompanied by a paying, participating adult.

[16+] means courses are suitable for ages 16 upwards, with written parental consent. All other courses are for adults over the age of eighteen.

Foraging and using herbs is a delightful and fulfilling activity that will change the way you see the landscape, and the changing seasons, forever. Our courses give you practical and life-enhancing skills to live more naturally and minimise your use of products containing chemicals and micro-plastics. You’ll never view a weed in quite the same way again!

Occasionally, you will need to bring items such as alcohol for preparations and small jam jars. Courses have an additional cost for things like dried herbs, aromatherapy oils, vinegars, butters, and specialist containers (indicated, and payable to the tutor).

Herbs for Health in Spring [W]
Mondays 19:00-21:00
9 Mar (4 wks), £40 + £10 ingredients
Tutor: Angie Woodard

“Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic [tutor]”

Suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge, this course will help you to understand and identify the health properties of early Spring plants and weeds that are growing in the countryside. You will be making remedies like herbal teas, infusions and decoctions, and herbal tinctures and syrups to encourage a healthy immune system. Back at home, with recipes to refer to, you will be able to make further healthy remedies for your family and friends.

Herbs for Health in Summer [W]
Mondays 19:00-21:00
1 Jun (5 wks), £50 + £10 ingredients
Tutor: Angie Woodard

Discover the benefits of nettles, jack by the hedge, yarrow, ground ivy, and many more! This course will build your knowledge to identify the abundant, useful weeds in the countryside around you, so that you can safely forage for them. You will then learn how to make a variety of herbal remedies to create a home apothecary to use safely with family and friends. Suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge already.

Making Skin Creams, Lotions and Scrubs [S]
Saturday 8 February
10:30-15:00, £30 + £25 ingredients & containers
Tutor: Angie Woodard

“A very welcoming group, informative and made lovely natural products.”

Deepen your understanding of how aromatic herbs and other plants can be used for natural body care. You will make a beautiful range of facial spritzers, salt scrubs, bath salts, foot lotions, skin serums and body butters to take home, along with the knowledge and recipes to make these again for yourself and friends. A great source of original and thoughtful gifts!

Herbs for Family Health [S]
Saturday 14 March
10:00-13:00, £25 + £5 ingredients
Tutor: Angie Woodard

Improve your family’s health and treat common complaints using the herbs and weeds that grow in your garden or local area. This half-day workshop will show you how to make a range of remedies for treating bumps and grazes, relieving coughs, colds and headaches, easing stress and anxiety like exam pressures, and maintaining good physical and mental health.