Tai Chi

[W] Weekly courses     [S] Saturday workshops

[8+] or [13+] means courses are suitable for ages 8 or 13 upwards when accompanied by a paying, participating adult.

[16+] means courses are suitable for ages 16 upwards, with written parental consent. All other courses are for adults over the age of eighteen.

Tai Chi Qi Gong is the practice of moving meditation, breathing and relaxation with many benefits similar to that of more vigorous exercise. It also promotes the internal wellness and mental clarity associated with deep, holistic practices designed not just for the external body, but for the organs, the blood vessels, the heart and the mind, using such techniques as practised in mindfulness and martial arts. During a term you will learn a form (a composition for particular health benefits as described below) to take home. Wear loose-fitting clothing, comfortable flat shoes, or socks, or practise in bare feet. You will be standing or moving for the whole lesson. New students are welcome to join at the start of any of the three terms.

Tai Chi 1 [W] [16+]
Tuesdays 18:15-19:15 and 19:30-20:00
24 Sept (10 wks), £72
Tutor: Isabelle Kandler

Wild Goose Claw is a circulation improver, making blood, lymph and qi (energy) circulate fully around your body, avoiding stagnation which can cause sickness or a feeling of unease. The practice is initially simple and repetitive, with a focus on balance, alignment, and mental patience, but its scope includes discovering natural body tempo, releasing tension, and dropping energy for grounding, and finding inner emptiness for full relaxation.

Tai Chi 2 [W] [16+]
Tuesdays 18:15-19:15
14 Jan (10 wks), £72
Tutor: Isabelle Kandler

Still Fish Dances is an extremely soothing practice to internally massage the kidneys and their qi (energy). The core of your body will seek stillness, while your limbs will move as gently as water, and the practice of rooting and sinking will be at the forefront. This is an excellent de-stress practice, but one that can also help regulate blood pressure and fertility, and as a kidney and brain practice it can eventually help generate clarity of the mind.

Tai Chi 3 [W] [16+]
Tuesdays 18:15-19:15
21 Apr (10 wks), £72
Tutor: Isabelle Kandler

Swimming Dragon is a stepping practice that embraces the concepts of Yin and Yang, the expansive and drawing in nature of the body that is already evident in the heart and lungs. Basically it is a practice to loosen the spine, but as stepping improves, then the ability to use many of the techniques that are core to Qi Gong will also improve, such as releasing joints, using breath, and leading qi. This is a useful form that narrows the gap between 'real life' and 'practising Tai Chi Qi Gong'.