[W] Weekly courses     [S] Saturday workshops

[8+] or [13+] means courses are suitable for ages 8 or 13 upwards when accompanied by a paying, participating adult.

[16+] means courses are suitable for ages 16 upwards, with written parental consent. All other courses are for adults over the age of eighteen.

Yoga is an ancient discipline which originated in India. In the West it is mainly practised in the form of asana (physical movements and postures) and pranayamas (breathing techniques). It is a holistic system, designed to encourage a state of well-being and to help us to realise our full potential for living. It is beneficial for improving flexibility, strength and stamina, aiding concentration and coordination, developing healthy sleep patterns and generally improving health and well-being. A low impact form of exercise which can produce noticeable results from the very first session, including the reduction of aches and pains, alleviation of anxiety, depression and stress-related symptoms.

Yoga with Mandy [W]
Mondays 09:40-11:10
11th Jan (10 wks), £82.50
26th Apr (10 wks), £82.50
Tutor: Mandy Nichols
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Drawing from a number of different traditions and working with her class’s abilities, Mandy brings focus to both the physical and emotional therapeutic value of yoga, using asana practice, pranayama and relaxation techniques to alleviate stress and improve flexibility, strength, posture and balance.  If your cry is “I’m not flexible” or “I’m too busy”, then this class is definitely for you. Men and women of all ages and ability are welcome; please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, cushion and blanket with you.

Yoga with Klara [W] [13+]
Mondays 19:30-21:00
14 Sept (12 wks), £99
11 Jan (10 wks), £82.50
26 Apr (10 wks), £82.50
Tutor: Klara Walters-James

In this Iyengar style class, Klara will teach you how to achieve good posture and alignment using provided yoga props. You will be encouraged to work on strengthening your body and exploring and deepening your breath with all of its associated health benefits. Please bring a mat to each class. All other equipment will be provided.

Yoga with Wendy [W]
Tuesdays 16:30-18:00
15 Sept (12 wks), £99
12 Jan (11 wks), £90.75
27 Apr (10 wks), £82.50
Tutor: Wendy Perry
Wendy teaches in the Hatha style of yoga. This course is suitable for all levels whether you are a beginner or more experienced and is suitable for men and women of all ages. Please bring a mat and blanket to each class.

Yoga with Ruth [W] [13+]
Wednesdays 19:00-20:30
16 Sept (12 wks), £99
13 Jan (10 wks), £82.50
28 Apr (10 wks), £82.50
Tutor: Ruth Spencer

Based on the classical yogic teachings of Sri Swami Sivananda, this will help you to grow and establish strong roots in Asana practice that brings alignment, strength and flexibility to the body and control of the mind through breathwork. Sivananda’s teachings are based on five principles; Proper Relaxation, Proper exercise, Proper breathing, Proper diet and Positive thinking and meditation. Blocks and belts can be used for sections of this class to help support alignment in the postures. Please bring a mat, blocks, a belt, a blanket and water to class.

Essential Yoga Workshop [S] [13+]
Saturday 10th October
10:00-12:30, £25
Tutor: Ruth Carr Spencer

This is a gentle hatha-based class with heart and hip openers and deep forward folds to surrender and release muscle tension. The aim is to increase energy and calm the mind. During the workshop I will introduce you to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to assist in emotional healing, help to release stagnant energy, feelings or blockages.

Accessible backbend poses are included to

Yoga: Developing a Home Practice [S] [13+]
Saturday 10th October
10:00-12:30, £25
Tutor: Mandy Nichols
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“Great workshop. Mandy was very clear and inspiring. It's so much easier to do my home practice now.”

Join Mandy for a session on developing your yoga home practice. You will explore meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana (poses). What is a home practice? Why do we self-sabotage? How can we integrate home practice into our lives? There will be tips on sequencing and a chance to develop your own routine, with a maximum 12 students allowing for individual attention.  Beginners/all abilities welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring along a mat, blanket and cushion, as we will be working on the floor.

Aroma Yoga for Relaxation [S] [13+]
Saturday 14th November
10:30-12:30, £25
Tutor: Mandy Nichols
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“I came away feeling totally relaxed and more knowledgeable, I only wish she did this workshop every week!”

Join us for this relaxing aromatherapy yoga workshop, in winter or spring, or come to both!  Reducing stress and encouraging relaxation, a session of gentle restorative yoga integrated with beautiful therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils. You will explore meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and gentle asana (poses). This workshop is suitable for beginners / all abilities.  Please wear warm comfortable clothing and bring along a mat, blanket, pillow and cushions, as you will be working on the floor. Please be aware that aromatherapy oils are used in this workshop, should you suffer from any allergies.

Postnatal Yoga Workshop for new mothers and their babies [S] [13+]
Saturday 14th November
10:00-12:30, £25
Tutor: Ruth Carr Spencer

This workshop encourages women to reconnect with themselves and their post pregnancy bodies. Yoga postures are taught in a gentle hathabased style and will help to close the body down safely postnatally. The Yoga Sequence will include a combination of seated, kneeling, standing and supine postures to support the transition to motherhood. Baby Yoga and Massage techniques will be demonstrated using a doll and there will be a discussion on safe oils to use when massaging your baby. Self-care tips and tools will be provided including the use of CPTG essential oils to support postnatal recovery. The Yoga workshop will help you combat fatigue and provide physical and emotional support in the early weeks and months following birth.

* – attendees must have had their 6 week postnatal GP review and sign a Postnatal Medical Screen Form prior to attending the course.

Yoga to Calm the Mind [S]
Saturday 6th February
10:30-12:30, £18
Tutor: Mandy Nichols

Join yoga teacher and aromatherapy massage therapist Mandy Nichols us for this relaxing yoga workshop. Reducing stress and encouraging relaxation, a session of gentle restorative yoga. You will explore meditation, breathing exercises and poses. This workshop is suitable for beginners/all abilities. Please wear warm comfortable clothing and bring along a mat, blanket, pillow and cushions, as you will be working on the floor.

Cultivating Love and Compassion through Yoga and Essential Oils [S]
Saturday 6th February
10:30-12:30, £25
Tutor: Ruth Carr Spencer

This workshop is an active Hatha Yoga class using a combination of CPTG essential oils to cultivate an open heart and a quiet mind. Using exotic oils such as Ylang Ylang reconnects one to the pure and simple ways of the heart, while geranium helps to foster love and trust. A combination of chest and shoulder openers will leave you feeling energised and more spacious from inside out. Frankincense oil will reconnect you to inner wisdom and encourage trust in yourself and others’. This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others. Couples are also welcome.

Alignment and Balance for body, mind and spirit [S] 
Saturday 13th February
10:00-12:30, £25
Tutor: Ruth Carr Spencer

This is a head-to-toe Yin Yoga Restorative class with a focus on breath, sensation and stillness and teaches the power of scent memory. Starting at the neck and shoulder and wrists, poses will be held for one to two minutes, then moving to the feet, ankles, thighs and hips beginning the process of calming the mind. Moving to the centre of the body with passive yin poses held for two and five minutes, begins the process of relaxing the body. A long, final relaxation combined with doTERRA’s Balance Blend of essential oils allows the body to assimilate this powerful practice and align with your core being. Essential Oils used in the workshop include: - Grapefruit, Frankincense, Align (yoga blend), Deep Blue and Balance Blend.