Drama and Theatre

We have two Drama studio/rehearsal spaces and the use of the MEC hall with stage, lighting and sound. Every year we produce at least one large scale production; recent productions include ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’, ‘School of Rock’, ‘Wendy and Peter’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Into The Woods’, and ‘We Will Rock You!’. Every year we provide other extra-curricular activities such as the National Theatre Connections programme and the Shakespeare Festival. There are theatre trips throughout year, including to the RST, Stratford and the National Theatre, London.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9)

Students in Years 7-9 take part in one Drama lesson per week. They are taught in form groups. Students engage with a range of topics at KS3, exploring a range of theatrical styles, as well as learning about production in live theatre. They will be expected to create performances to show their practical understanding and reflect on the work they have completed. At the end of each unit there is a performance of best work to mark and reward progress made.

  • Year 7: Foundation Skills, Melodrama, Mime and Movement, Greek Theatre, Text Work, and live theatre.
  • Year 8: Issue Based Drama, Physical Theatre, Shakespeare, Curious Incident and Frantic Assembly, Texts in Practice, and Live Theatre.
  • Year 9: Modern Play, Conflict and Stage Fighting, Devising Theatre, live theatre, in term 5 and 6 students begin their GCSE courses.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Exam board: AQA.

The subject content for GCSE Drama is divided into three components:

  • Understanding drama (written exam)
  • Devising drama (performance and written coursework)
  • Texts in practice (scripted performance)

Drama is a popular and very high achieving GCSE course that aims to teach practical skills such as voice production, characterisation and physical expression, in order to achieve numerous polished and memorised performances to invited audiences. Success in this subject comes from the willingness to work with others, often to tight deadlines, and to enjoy performing in front of an audience, combined with the ability to understand and write about drama theory and important practitioners. Students are expected to learn lines and take part in out of lesson rehearsals. During the course you will be required to work as part of a team, and to analyse, evaluate and reflect on your practical work. You will also get the chance to experience professional theatre, through theatre trips and workshops led by professional actors and directors. Drama is a subject where you are expected to join in and develop essential skills of decision making, critical thinking and teamwork. We also hope the course will be interesting, exciting and fun!

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)

Drama and Theatre Studies Examination board: AQA

The subject content for A-level Drama and Theatre is divided into three components:

1. Drama and theatre (written exam)

2. Creating original drama (performance and written coursework)

3. Making theatre (performance of written extracts)

Students gain the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre whilst gaining understanding of a wide range of texts, playwrights and practitioners at advanced level.

Departmental team

Drama and Theatre

Mrs C Cutter (Head of Department)
Miss N Batten