[W] Weekly courses     [S] Saturday workshops

[8+] or [13+] means courses are suitable for ages 8 or 13 upwards when accompanied by a paying, participating adult.

[16+] means courses are suitable for ages 16 upwards, with written parental consent. All other courses are for adults over the age of eighteen.

Our new photography courses are for beginners and keen photographers who are using advanced digital cameras such as DSLRs, mirrorless, and Bridge cameras (but not "point and shoot" ones or mobile phones). A tutor in psychology and counselling at Oxford University, Graham’s interest in people and their interaction with the world around them is reflected in his photographic interests.  He teaches digital, street, travel, and documentary photography and has contributed to photographic magazines, including Camera Weekly, and is a sub-editor of Decisive Moment for the Royal Photographic Society of which he is also a member.  He has recently produced short photo-books on "The Emotional Response" and "Objectification".

Digital Photography Crash Course [W] [13+]
Tuesdays 19:00-21:00
22nd Sept (10 wks), £120
Tutor: Graham Wilson

Do you have an advanced digital camera that sometimes baffles you? Would you like to be more creative with your camera but don't know where to begin? Are your photography ambitions thwarted by the complicated controls and menus? This ten-week crash course, balancing a little theory with plenty of practice, will help you gain control over, and confidence handling, any advanced digital camera.  You will understand the different knobs, buttons and menus; ways of getting sharper images; and the keys to an aesthetically better picture.  We will look at a variety of subjects (people, buildings, objects that are still, and some that are moving).  Whatever your particular interest, you will emerge as a better image maker.

Street Photography [S] [13+]
Saturday 13th March
09:30-16:00, £45
Tutor: Graham Wilson

“Well planned and paced day.”

Whether you want to document your own town or village, improve your travel photography, have new ideas for your family album, or you are a fan of the fast-growing art of street photography and want to try your hand at it, this whole day workshop will open your eyes to new possibilities all around you.

Street photography ranges from its purest form of candid images of people in their environment, through more formal but ad hoc portraits, capturing the details of a place that make it more memorable, to some aspects of architectural and landscape photography.

The group will spend most of the day walking around Woodstock (whatever the weather!), tackling a number of straightforward but informative tasks, reconvening for a chance to share experiences, short 'tutorials', and briefing for the next activity.  The tutor will help you refine your images over the day, but also be on hand to help answer more general technical questions.

You will need to bring your own advanced digital camera (e.g. DSLRs, mirrorless, and Bridge cameras) and be reasonably familiar with using it as the emphasis will be on taking photos rather than instruction in camera controls. The workshop is not suitable for ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras or mobile devices.

Please be aware that you will be walking around Woodstock, and that the workshop will go ahead whatever the weather, so please dress appropriately. You will also need to provide your own refreshments (or buy them locally) during the day.

Trick/Fun Photography Day [S] [13+]
Saturday 14th November
09:30-16:00, £45
Tutor: Graham Wilson

This one-day exploratorium will consist of stations where groups of two or three photographers will get to play with all kinds of props to take some really different images. Earth, Air, Fire (don’t tell H&S), and Water will feature, along with some glass, steel, antiques, toys and big boots. Help each other to take the kind of pictures that you never imagined you’d be shooting. In the process, you will test your handling of the camera, maybe get just a little wet, and have a good laugh! There will be a photography tutor in the background who will try to answer your questions throughout the day! All that you will need to provide is your own “advanced digital camera” (of which you should know the basic controls), clothes that allow you to roll about a little, lots of enthusiasm, and a mind to experiment...