The library has reopened but masks should be worn under the current restrictions.Hand sanitiser is available as you walk into the library. Please use before browsing the bookshelves and again on leaving the library.

The librarian is happy to help with reading recommendations or homework solutions.The library is a quiet space for students who wish to study, research, read for pleasure or do homework. Sixth Formers are encouraged to use the library for independent learning, but teachers may occasionally book the library for a class, these are posted on the door. Computers in the library may be used for research and the library is open to all pupils at break and lunchtimes.

Oliver Library

Library Resources

Fiction Books are organised by author surname. Ask the librarian if you are looking for a particular genre.

Non Fiction Books are organised by the Dewey method of numbering. Use the school library catalogue Oliver to locate the subject or title.

Reference Books such as encyclopaedias and atlases can be browsed but you are not allowed to take them home.

Chess Club has been reintroduced on Friday lunch breaks but may stop due to Covid restrictions.


Reading Groups: None currently available.

Careers Library

Titles are updated every year and we have publications covering most careers. New titles are arriving all the time. Please talk to Mrs Onions in the library if you would like something in particular, or browse the library catalogue available from home and in school.

Many parents also find the publications of interest and are welcome to borrow any. Please contact us in advance if you would like to visit the library in person.

Opening times currently

Drop in before school, breaks, lunchtimes and after school. Sixth Formers may use the
library for private study during lesson times.

  • Monday 8:15am - 3:05pm
  •  Tuesday 8:15am - 3:05pm
  •  Wednesday 8:15am – 12:25pm
  •  Thursday 8:15am - 3:05pm
  •  Friday 8:15am - 3:05pm


Mrs J Onions

Library Date  
Good Reads 14th Jan 2016 Download
Summer Reading Challenge 2020 16th Jul 2020 Download
Good Reads summer 2020 16th Jul 2020 Download