Remote Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are contacting you to seek your feedback on our remote learning approach. Please can you take a few minutes to watch the short video and fill in the parent survey below. 

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We would appreciate it if this could be completed by 15:00 on Monday 1st February.

Thank you,

Jake Jones

Remote Learning Core Principles

- Adhere to the principles set out within the Teaching and Learning Framework.

- Ensure all pupils...

- are clear about their tasks; that they know what they have to do; and know how they have to do it.

- are supported with high-quality resources that are easy to access.

- receive a rapid response to questions and request for support.

- Maintain the close connection and relationship between pupils and their teachers.

Remote Learning our Approach

- Informed by the existing evidence about what works.

- A blended approach of live elements and pre-prepared, pre-recorded resources and materials.

- An equitable experience for all.

- Carefully planned and intentional.

- Structured and responsive.

Teaching and Learning

Teachers will..

- Share work through SMHW before 8.30am on the day of the lesson.

- Include Pre-recorded explanations, instructions and modelling with all activities.

- Share all work in PDF format or video.

- Include regular tasks that support the checking of engagement and understanding.

- Be available during all lessons via Satchel One or Google Meet to offer support, feedback and immediate responses to pupils’ questions.

- Offer regular Remote Tutorials.

- Use comments on Satchel One for positive reinforcement, and for checking in and chasing up when the quality or quantity of work does not meet expectations.

- Provide regular feedback through comments on Satchel One and through whole class feedback during Remote Tutorials or pre-recorded videos.

Students will..

- Follow their daily timetable.

- Give their full attention to explanations, instructions and modelling.

- Re-watch explanations, instructions and modelling if they are unclear or stuck.

- Seek support in lessons through Satchel One or Google Meet.

- Complete all tasks to the best of their ability.

- Attend all and participate fully in Remote Tutorials.

Pastoral contact

- Monday: Year Group Assembly

- Wednesday: Whole School Assembly

- Thursday or Friday: Remote Tutor Time

Accessing Remote Learning

- Students should access all work through Satchel One

- Students should access all Remote Tutorials through the Marlborough Google account.

- To access Remote Learning appropriately students will need a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet or equivalent.

Support with Remote Learning

- If your child does not have access to a suitable device or your internet connection is limiting access to resources, or if you need any support with remote Learning, please email Jake Jones, Deputy Headteacher, directly on: