Class Charts

Staff at The Marlborough School use an online system called Class Charts to monitor the learning behaviour of our students. Class Charts is used in over 1,000 secondary schools and allows our staff to award both positive and negative behaviour points from categories in line with our ‘Ready to Learn’ Agreement: ‘Respect for Others’; ‘Respect for your own Learning’; and ‘Respect for your Environment’.

Parents and carers are able to access their child’s live Class Charts profile at any time either through an app or by logging into the Class Charts website.

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Go to the Class Charts website

The Parents’ View has many features, including:

  • A behaviour score breakdown customisable for a chosen time period;
  • A weekly behaviour breakdown, allowing week by week comparison;
  • A daily behaviour activity feed, giving a live view of positive and negative points;
  • An announcements feature;
  • A detention log;
  • A daily timetable.

To log in to Class Charts for the first time you will need:

  • An email address
  • A password
  • A unique code which has been sent home with your child

If you have more than one child here with us you can add further codes by clicking the symbol in the top right corner once you are logged in for the first time.

More detail about the features of Class Charts, what to do if you have more than one child in school or regarding issues logging in can be found in the Getting Started guide. The entire system is fully GDPR compliant and consistent with all our safeguarding procedures.