Parent Survey 21 - Summary and Response

Summary of and Response to Remote Learning Parent survey


Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback. Three hundred and thirty parents took part in our survey. It was a timely reminder of how fortunate we are to have such engaged families. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and constructive.


It is clear that the vast majority of our students are having a positive experience of remote learning. The elements that you were particularly appreciative of included:


  • The balance of structure and flexibility offered by the blended approach of live and pre-recorded materials.
  • The quality and clarity of both the pre-recorded and live sessions.
  • Posting of resources on a lesson by lesson basis in line with the timetable.
  • The speed and quality of response and feedback.


Summary of other responses:




Overall, how would you describe how The Marlborough School has adapted to Remote Teaching and Learning?

94% said our response was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. 48 % said it was ‘excellent’.

We have changed the way we conduct remote learning, asking teachers and students to follow their timetable, including pre-recorded or live explanations instructions and modelling with all activities and including regular Remote Tutorials (live sessions). How would you describe this change?

94% said it was ‘an improvement’ or ‘vast improvement’.


How would you describe the overall amount of work your child has received each week?

83% said that it was ‘about right’ or a ‘lot but manageable’.


11% said it was not quite enough.

How easy is your child finding it to navigate SatchelOne?

93% said it was ‘extremely easy’ or ‘easy’


Common questions/suggestions


Could you post the resources earlier?

Many staff post their resources on SatchelOne a day or more in advance of the lesson. However, the resources don’t appear on SatchelOne until 7 am on the day of the lesson. We contacted SatchelOne to ask whether we could change this, but at present it is not possible.


All resources are posted on SatchelOne by 8.30 am on the day of the lesson.

Could you highlight which lessons are Remote Tutorials (Live)?

We highlight whether a lesson is a Remote Tutorial (live session) in the title of the lesson which appears in the ‘Homework list’ and ‘Calendar’ in SatchelOne. We use the formula ‘period, subject, Remote Tutorial’ (e.g P2 Chemistry Remote Tutorial) for the title of lessons.


The ‘Insights’ page and ‘Timetable’ in SatchelOne only give the subject and teacher unless you click on the lesson. It is currently not possible to change this.

Some pre-recorded lessons take longer than an hour to complete.

We have developed our understanding of the best way to structure pre-recorded lessons. We now stick to the formula of DNA (Do it Now Activity) plus between one and three tasks, and ensure that we allow sufficient time for modelling and review of all tasks. 


Having said this, should the activities within a lesson take longer than an hour, we encourage students to finish after an hour and move on to their next lesson.

Could there be more ‘live’ lessons?

Many of you felt that there was the right balance between pre-recorded and live material. You really valued the combination of structure and flexibility offered by the blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching.


Around 10% of you said that your child engaged particularly well with the Remote Tutorials and would value more of these.


As our skill and confidence with new ways of working have grown, we have seen an increase in the number of Remote Tutorials being offered.

We have found printing of documents challenging.

None of the activities set should require printing. Although the activities may include worksheets, we do not expect students to print these off. Instead, they should complete the questions, activities in their notebooks or on paper.

Could the timings of the school day/lessons be included?

We have turned on the ‘Timetable’ feed in SatchelOne. This means that the timings of the school day/lessons can be seen in both the ‘Timetable’ view and ‘Insights’ in SatchelOne. All the lesson resources can also be accessed from here by clicking on the lessons.