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In Design and Technology we aim to give all students an ambitious and challenging curriculum in the many areas of Design and Technology. 

In order that we can make quality products, we need to be able to design and draw with creativity and accuracy. An acquisition of design and technical drawing skills underpin a commonality of approach which runs across all subject areas within Design and Technology. Students will develop a deep understanding about the materials and ingredients we use to make sustainable products; therefore, a clear substantive knowledge base runs throughout, specific to every product, project or qualification.

All projects enable students to gain skills in making products out of food, textiles, woods, metals or plastics. Students will have a rich and varied experience of design and manufacture; creating ambitious products they can be proud of. 

All students should be able to confidently apply the skills and knowledge gained beyond education. They will also be equipped to make clear and informed choices about which of our subjects they would like to study for GCSE and beyond. 

Curriculum Map

Each KS3 unit of work is linked to the Unit Overview which specifies core knowledge, vocabulary and forms of assessment. In DT, students study the different components on rotation over Year 7, 8 and 9.

GCSE and A level courses are linked to the relevant exam board specification. 

Year Group

Unit of Work

7 & 8 Engineering + 3D Design

Intro to Graphics/

Acrylic Keyring

Pencil Box, Cam Toy or Nutcracker

7 & 8 Food

DT Food Recipe Book KS3 Modules 1 & 2

Healthy eating

Health and safety

7 & 8 Textiles

Module 1 Kandinsky Mask

Module 2, Graffiti pencil case

9 Engineering + 3D Design

Pencil Box, Cam Toy or Nutcracker

Intro to GCSE course, as applicable

9 Food

DT Food Recipe Book KS3 Module 3

Food and the environment

Intro to GCSE course, as applicable

9 Textiles

Module 3 Textiles and the environment

Intro to GCSE course, as applicable

10 GCSE 3D Design

GCSE Specification 3D Design


11 GCSE 3D Design


10 Engineering

Engineering Specification 2023

Properties of Materials




Smart Materials


11 Engineering

Engineering Specification 2022

CAD CAM miniaturisation



10 Food and Nutrition

Food GCSE Specification

Fruit & Vegetables/ Vitamins and Minerals


Carbohydrates Simple sugars




11 Food and Nutrition

NEA (coursework) 1

NEA (coursework) 2


10 Textiles

GCSE Textiles Specification

Drawing, using photography

Artist research and response

NEA (Coursework) How to produce a project using external inspiration

11 Textiles

NEA (Coursework) How to produce a project using external inspiration


A level Product Design Specification


Plastics, composites and smart materials



Industrial Production



Head of Department

Mr M Reece

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