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The Drama Department is committed to providing all of our students with creative opportunities to capture the imagination: working with texts in practice, understanding drama and devising theatre.

We want our Dramatists to explore the realms of theatre, providing them with a depth of knowledge and a keen understanding of playwrights and conventions. Our ambitious curriculum allows all of our students to explore, to make mistakes, to communicate and to experiment - all essential interpersonal skills that open up life-long pathways and opportunities. Pupils have the opportunity to open their minds through accessing a broad variety of work including both devising techniques and exploring plays. This enhances their writing skills and their understanding of the written word as well as their understanding of people and of human nature.

We believe that Drama embodies learning as far reaching as the literature and philosophy of Ancient Greece to modern day psychology and study of texts through contemporary plays and theorists. It is an exciting subject that is central to the development of each individual but also to the educational dynamic of our young people. 

In a safe environment, we promote a culture of creativity, learning and ambition through nurturing collaboration and personal growth. Our Drama Department is an environment where special things are allowed to happen and people are committed, willing and able to learn about themselves as well as others. We encourage an ethos of high expectations: where students strive to achieve and be the best they can be.

Curriculum Map

Each KS3 unit of work is linked to the Unit Overview which specifies core knowledge, vocabulary and forms of assessment. 

GCSE and A level courses are linked to the relevant exam board specification. 


Year Group

Unit of Work


Introduction to Drama 

Greek Theatre


Mime and Movement

Texts in Practice: Wendy and Peter


Text: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime 

Physical Theatre

Shakespeare: Duologues

Set Text and Live Theatre


Text in Practice: DNA

Devising Drama: Practitioners

Texts in practice

Live Theatre and GCSE Text: Noughts and Crosses


Drama GCSE Specification

Live Theatre and GCSE Text: Noughts and Crosses

Live Theatre Response/ Exploring Practitioner and Devising

Live Th /Exploring Practitioner and Devising


Understanding Drama: Noughts and Crosses and Live Theatre Response

Texts in Practice: Scripted Extracts

Understanding Drama: Noughts and Crosses and Live Theatre Response


A level Drama Specification

Understanding Drama/Texts in Practice

Understanding Drama: Live Theatre and Set Texts

Devising Drama


Understanding Drama: Live Theatre and Set Texts


Texts in practice: Scripted Extracts

Understanding Drama:/Live Theatre Response

Head of Department

Mrs C Cutter

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