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The Marlborough Mathematics department offers all students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics, to solve problems and clearly communicate their solutions. Every student is given access to an ambitious and challenging curriculum at a pace suited to them and has the chance to develop resilience and confidence in their mathematics through exposure to learning new maths skills and applying them to problem solving situations.

By becoming more confident mathematicians, students will better understand the world around them and solve problems that they encounter. Students will have the opportunity to mathematically reason both verbally and in their written work through class discussion and carefully selected tasks. They will revisit skills they have already developed both in class and through our online weekly homework, which will reinforce prior learning and help to consolidate new skills.

Curriculum Map

Each KS3 unit of work is linked to the Unit Overview which specifies core knowledge, vocabulary and forms of assessment. 

GCSE and A level courses are linked to the relevant exam board specification.

Year Group

Unit of Work


Integers, Decimals, Measures, Types of number 1

Order of operations, Negative numbers, Algebra 1, Angles 1

Fractions, Rounding


Classifying shapes, Area, Constructions, Graphs 1 

Probability, Averages,  Percentages 1, Equations, Sequences

Charts, Standard Form, Transformations


Ratio and Proportion, Types of number 2, Angles 2

Circles,  Percentages 2,  Inequalities, Rearranging formula

2D representations of 3D shapes Graphs 2 Surface


Maths GCSE Specification

Factorising, Fractions, Standard Form, Pythagoras, Equations and Inequalities, Sequences, Surds (Extension), Decimals Fractions Percentages,

Straight line graphs, Trigonometry, Bounds (extension), Graphs, Formulae, Statistics, Loci, mappings & drawings, Completing the square (extension), Area and Volume

Tables, Charts and Graphs, Cumulative Frequency, Ratio, Graph Areas, Probability, Vectors, Trigonometry & Exponential Graph


Expressions & substitution, Simultaneous equations, Shape & proportion, Sine & Cosine rule (ext), y = mx + c, Probability 2, 

Graph Transformations (ext), Transformations, Proportion, Circle theorems, Equation of circles (ext), Iteration (ext), 

Structured GCSE revision 


Maths A level Specification

Algebra 1, Polynomials, Trigonometry, 

Calculus, Exponentials and logs, Vectors, Kinematics

Forces, Data, Probability, Hypothesis testing, Algebra 2


Algebra 2, Sequences, Trigonometry, 

Differentiation, Integration, Numerical methods

Structured A level revision

Further Maths Specification here. See also the 6th Form Brochure for further details.

Head of Department

Ms J Dickson

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