Coronavirus Provision At The Marlborough 2020/21

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked hard to minimise the impact on students' learning at The Marlborough School. We are proud of the provision we have been able to offer students with a high percentage of students accessing home learning. Although we appreciate this is in no way an equal replacement for in-school learning we believe we have provided the best support possible in challenging circumstances and therefore have reduced the impact on students’ learning. When in school, we have experienced an increase in staff and student absences which will inevitably impact student learning but both staff and students have shown exceptional resilience in these circumstances. Below is an outline of the provision students have received. 

Pastoral Support

From 5th January to 19th March 2021

  • Students were called or emailed at least once a fortnight to check wellbeing and support with organisation.
  • Form Tutors and Head of Sixth Form/Deputy Head of Sixth Form ran weekly drop in sessions for students.

Teaching and Learning

From 5th January to 19th March 2021

  • Teachers set students work on a weekly basis through the Show My Homework APP.
  • Students corresponded with teachers through the Show My Homework comments function.
  • Teachers included pre-recorded instructions, explanations and models where appropriate
  • Students were offered two or more Remote Tutorials per subject each week.
  • Remote Tutorials are live tutorials on the Google Hangouts during which teachers explained key content, modelled tasks, checked understanding and addressed misconceptions.