Bromcom / My Child at School

The Marlborough School is changing its’ Management Information System (MIS) from Monday 28th February, to Bromcom.

As a result of this move we will be changing the way you pay for School Dinners, School Trips, Electives and for any items in our School Shop. We will no longer be using ParentPay. This will be replaced by Bromcom.

Bromcom has a parent portal called, My Child at School (MCAS) where you will be able to access information about your child and make payments to the school.

Access to MCAS can be via a web browser, but it is also an App that can be downloaded on to any smartphone. To access MCAS you will need a valid e-mail address registered with the school and an Invitation Code. If you do not have an invitation code please contact the school for one, as you will not be able to access the Parent Portal without one.

For any queries please email the Finance office at

MCAS Parent Guide