Expansion Consultation


The Governors of The Marlborough Church of England School consulted on the proposal to permanently expand the school.

The expansion is required to meet the need for more places from new houses being built in the catchment area of the school. The Marlborough C of E School has been significantly oversubscribed for a number of years. The current demand for places is extremely high. The expansion of the school would allow more families and pupils from the local community to attend the school.

The four-week consultation, ran from Friday 13th May to Friday 10th June. It’s aim was to gather opinions on the proposal to increase the number of places available in Year 7 at the The Marlborough Church of England School from September 2024 by 30 places. Additional pupils would then be annually admitted into Year 7 only, to increase gradually the capacity of the school. The school would eventually be able to cater for an additional 150 pupils across year groups 7 to 11.

The new building will be subject to a separate planning consultation and decision made by West Oxfordshire District Council.

A summary of the consultation can be found below along with the information that accompanied the consultation, including a drawing outlining the proposed expansion.

Consultation Summary Report

Consultation on the Proposed Expansion of The Marlborough C of E School

Marlborough School Proposed Expansion Drawings 

Catchment Area

Frequently Asked Questions




Will the admissions arrangements for the school be changing? 

If permission is given for the school to expand then the admissions arrangements will be altered to increase the PAN by 30 children in Year 7. There are no other plans to make any other changes to the oversubscription criteria.

What are the proposed building works? 

Subject to funding, the preferred option that is currently being developed is to provide a new 6 room block to the west of the site. Some existing rooms will need to be remodelled (e.g. new science teaching rooms and DT provision) and additional changing rooms are also being planned. Further work is being done to progress this plan, which will be subject to planning permission processes.

How might the building work impact on my child who is already a pupil at the school?

As part of developing plans for expanding the school, the proposals have considered how best to minimise disruption in so far as possible to those students already attending The Marlborough. 

 The plan to deliver a new stand-alone block concentrates most of the additional new provision into one zone that is located on the edge of the site with good direct access to allow contractors to be segregated from pupils/staff. 

 Any other works to existing areas of the school will be programmed to take maximum advantage of school holidays. 

 Considerate contractor practices will be followed and health and safety will be continuously monitored by the project team. 

 Car parking needs throughout the build process will be factored into the plans. Should car parking space be required for a builder’s compound, temporary arrangements will be put in place for students and staff.   

With all the new housing in the area, why are only 30 places per year group at The Marlborough being considered, and not a new secondary school on a different site being considered? 

The county council is responsible for ensuring sufficient school places, and the Trust is working in partnership with the council to meet needs in this area.

 The future demand for new school places from housing development is considered alongside the general demand for school places from the local birth rate, which, following a boom in 2010-2012, has been steadily falling. As such the projected demand for secondary school places from new housing planned, approved (and built) in Woodstock will be met from a 30 place, per year group, expansion (150 new places in total), and is required from 2024.

 Across a wider area, the planned housing development south of Woodstock, in addition to sites around Kidlington and to the north of Oxford, is expected to need a new school, and the Cherwell Local Plan identifies a site for this at Begbroke. However, the timescale for this school depends on the progress of the housing developments, and it would not be open soon enough to meet the needs of Woodstock’s already growing population.

 A new school is therefore needed in addition to Marlborough’s expansion, but will be a longer-term project.

What other infrastructure changes will be considered - road structure and parking arrangements also need to be considered.

This scheme is to provide additional secondary education provision, it does not include funding for general road structures. However, the project team is in consultation with the Highways Team to consider how best to add additional capacity without negatively impacting the traffic, and a parking assessment has already been carried out to identify the additional parking needs that will be delivered as part of the project.

Will the expansion take into consideration Carbon Zero targets and EV charging points?

RLT and the school are committed to achieving NetZero, and we are working alongside the architects and designers to help ensure that this build considers, as far as is practically and reasonably possible in helping us to meet our commitment.  EV Charging points form part of this, although at this stage we do not know how many will be provided as part of this scheme.

Will the new parking - intended at the front of the school - impact on any of the trees on site?

There is a possibility that some of the trees on site might need to be removed to accommodate the expansion. However, the development plans also take into consideration the need to increase the biodiversity to negate the impact of the expansion, and therefore replacement/additional trees will be planted.