Teaching Staff

Name Subject Responsibilities
Mrs K Addy Mathematics Teacher
Mr M Addy Mathematics Teacher
Mrs Y Armistead Psychology Teacher, Head of Year 12
Ms N Banks English / Media Studies Teacher, Deputy Head: English
Ms N Batten Drama Teacher, Head of Year 8
Mrs P Bennett Mathematics Teacher
Miss N Bishop Physical Education Teacher, Deputy Head: PE Department
Ms E Bromley English Teacher, Assistant Headteacher: Culture and Ethos, Head of KS3
Mr A Buckmaster Art & Design Teacher, Head of Sixth Form
Miss E Budd Maths Teacher
Mr R Burnhill Physical Education Teacher
Mrs C Cleveland English Teacher, Deputy Head of English
Mrs S Cork Physical Education School Sports Coordinator
Ms K Croft Art & Design Teacher
Mrs C Cutter Drama Teacher, Head of Department: Drama
Mrs J Dickson Mathematics Teacher, Head of Department: Mathematics
Mrs A Drewitt Religious Education Teacher
Ms S Edens History Teacher
Mr G Edmonds Mathematics Teacher, responsible for timetable construction
Mrs S Edmonds Geography Teacher, Joint Head of Department: Geography
Mrs T Ferguson Science Teacher
Mr S Flint Science (Chemistry) Teacher, Head of Year 11
Dr W Fosdike Science Teacher, Head of Department: Science
Mr S Gabbattis ICT Teacher
Mr J Gavin Mathematics Teacher, Deputy Head: Maths with KS3 Lead and Most Able Project Leader
Mrs T Griffin Religious Education Teacher
Ms N Gunning History Teacher
Mr A Hanlon English Principal
Mrs A Harris Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, Electives and Extended Learning Coordinator
Ms E Harris English Assistant Headteacher: Assessment, Progress and Reporting
Mrs R Jones English Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion
Mrs H Hart Geography Teacher, Joint Head of Department: Geography
Mr D Hayden Business Studies Teacher, Head of Department: Business Studies
Mrs N Hewitt Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mrs E Hoyland Religious Education Head of Department: Religious Education
Mr J Hussain Biology Teacher
Dr J Jones Biology Deputy Principal
Mrs J Jones Art & Design Teacher, Deputy Head: Sixth Form and Head of Year 13
Mrs R Katz Food Technology Teacher, Deputy Head of Department: Design Technology and Textiles
Miss C Knowles English Teacher, Head Of Year 7
Mrs L Knowles History Teacher
Miss C Lyle Science Teacher, Head of Biology
Miss L Malloch Physical Education Teacher, Head of Department: Physical Education
Miss S Marcus English Teacher, Head of Department: English
Mr P Marriott Geography Teacher, Whole School Behavioral Lead and Head of Year 10
Mrs A Marshall Art Teacher, Head of Department: Art
Ms K Mathiesen English Teacher, Professional Tutor
Mrs A McCleary Physical Education SENCo & Transition Lead
Mr J Minton Science (Physics) Teacher, Subject Leader: Physics, Deputy Head of Department: Science
Mr L Moss History Teacher, Head of Department: History
Mr A Murphy Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, Head of Department: MFL; timetable construction
Mrs H Offord Science (Physics) Teacher, Deputy Head of Department: Science
Mrs K Peterson Geography Teacher
Ms L Phipps Music Teacher, Head of Department: Music
Mr M Reece Art & Design Teacher, Head of Department: Design Technology
Dr C Roman English Teacher
Mr J Smith Music Teacher
Mrs J Soame Modern Foreign Languages Second in Department: MFL
Ms A Thomas Art & Design Teacher
Mrs E Titmus Art Teacher
Mrs R Vardy Science Teacher
Mr S Wallace Mathematics Teacher, Head of Year 11, Personal Development and SIAMS Leader
Mrs H Waterhouse Mathematics Teacher
Mrs J Watson Computer Science / Mathematics Teacher, Curriculum Leader: Computer Science
Miss T Watts English Teacher
Mrs K White Mathematics Teacher
Mrs J Wilkinson Science Teacher
Mrs M Williams Modern Foreign Languages Teacher