Associate Staff

Name Roles and Responsibilities
Mrs K Allie Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Anderson Cleaner
Mrs J Anderson Catering Assistant
Mr S Bickley Assistant Site Manager
Mrs J Brinkworth Admin Assistant, First Aider in Charge
Mrs J Broome Admin Assistant: Resources
Ms S Brown Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Maths
Mrs L Capewell Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Carry Technician: Food and Textiles
Mrs C Carvalho Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Clarke Catering Assistant
Mrs H Clay Clerk to the Governing Body
Ms V Collins Finance Assistant
Mrs L Cooper Assistant to the Catering Manager
Mr N Cooper Site Manager (Evening)
Mrs M Cooper Cleaner
Mr R Cooper Cleaner
Mrs S Cork Schools Sports Coordinator
Mr J Cox Catering Manager
Mrs L Cox HR Manager and PA to the Principal
Mrs K Dalton Finance Manager
Miss A De Paola Catering Assistant
Mrs C Dearmer Cover Manager and Data and Assessment Manager
Mr B Dickson Catering Assistant
Mrs H Diva Cleaner
Mrs J Drewett Cleaner
Mrs L Ferguson Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Science
Mrs E Gardner Individual Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Gonzales-Redman Community Education Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Graham Cleaner
Mrs M Greenwood Technician: Art
Mrs E Gunn-Batty Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs P Joyce Examinations Manager
Mrs L Kimber Technician: Science
Ms L Lapuente Navarro Teaching Assistant
Mes I Leska Catering Assistant
Miss T Lucas Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Luckhurst Student Counsellor
Ms E Lynch Receptionist
Mr J Mawle Technician: ICT
Ms J Millard Individual Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Oliver Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Oliver Joint Coordinator Learning Support
Mrs D Ollman Catering Assistant
Mrs J Onions Library Manager
Mrs S Parker Senior Administrator: Pastoral and Sixth Form
Mrs L Pattison Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Perry Joint Coordinator Learning Support
Mr M Proffitt Network Manager: ICT
Mrs F Pusey Community Education Manager
Mr D Rees Senior Laboratory Technician: Science
Miss A Robinson Technician: Science
Mrs A Samual Cleaner
Mrs B Seymour Technician: Design and Technology
Mrs K Simpson Attendance Officer
Mrs D Strivens Examinations and Data Support Assistant
Mrs B Summers Reprographics and Resources Department Manager
Mr J Tomalin Buildings and Site Manager
Mrs N Ward School Business Manager
Mrs G Wheeler Teaching Assistant
Ms S Whittaker Careers and Destinations Coordinator
Mrs S Wingrove Chef/Special Function Coordinator
Mrs S Wise SEN Administrator and D of E Manager