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The Marlborough School History curriculum helps to explain the world as it is by exploring the world as it was, in an intriguing and ambitious way. Understanding is developed around strong subject knowledge, which is explored through enquiries that span global, continental, or local scales, emphasising the complexity of the past and the constructed, contested nature of solid historical concepts, such as diversity, empire, government, power, conflict and trade. Through this, pupils will develop their disciplinary thinking, explore the past from multiple perspectives and viewpoints. The History Curriculum endeavours to develop crucial skills by interrogating sources, reading, and evaluating and synthesising challenging scholarship. 

Undoubtedly, the History Department curriculum at the Marlborough School is knowledge rich, driven by scholarship which in turn will increase pupils’ curiosity, critical thinking, and communication skills. Our curriculum will give all pupils the confidence to build strong arguments of their own and the flexibility to incorporate new perspectives into their thinking, help pupils question the world in which we live, which will influence the people and communities around them once they complete their history curriculum.

Curriculum Map

Each KS3 unit of work is linked to the Unit Overview which specifies core knowledge, vocabulary and forms of assessment. 

GCSE and A level courses are linked to the relevant exam board specification.

Year Group

Unit of Work


Introduction to History

Baghdad and the Silk Roads

Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings

Medieval England

The Crusades

Late Medieval Europe


Tudor England

Stuart England

Empires of the World

The impact of slavery

The Industrial World

The Road to Democracy


The First World War

The Impact of WWI

The Holocaust

Diversity in C20th Britain

GCSE: Crime & Punishment

10 GCSE History Specification

Crime & Punishment

Elizbeth: The Early Years

The Weimar Republic


The Rise of the Nazis

Life in Nazi Germany

The Cold War

12 A level History Specification

Britain: Henry VII

World: Germany 1871-1914

Britain: Henry VIII

World: Germany 1914-18


World: Weimar Germany


Britain: Mary

World: Nazi Germany


Civil Rights in America 1865-2010

Britain: Elizabeth


The Holocaust


Head of Department

Mr L Moss 

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